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Original title: ” between the world ” two medium women: Week Chengdu serious situation is merciless also, calculate of Zheng beautiful lifetime eventually voidance Week Chengdu love is undone, zheng Juan is penniless, ” between the world ” the tragedy that is sliver human nature — foreword. The play of movie and TV that by Liang Xiaosheng homonymic work adapts ” between the world ” , once broadcast, be like tide reputably.

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In teleplay edition ” between the world ” before broadcasting, ” between the world ” this work ever also was adapted to be a modern drama to appear for a time stagewise.

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This work is all expressive form is to often see Chang Xin, every time looks to have different view, it is a very outstanding work, the individual is comprehended deeper, namely ” between the world ” two medium women, a Zhou Rong, a Zheng Juan, ” between the world ” it is a dye-in-the-wood tragedy, and Zhou Rong and Zheng beautiful even if two tragic kinds differ expressional form.

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Zhou Rong: Look be like serious situation the person of this part sets the most merciless Zhou Rong, do not denounce exceedingly happy event, her before half a lifetime, resemble living in the small princess of the tower of ivory, life does not have a setback, the family member is bestowing favor on her, this also brought up her selfish, Utopian to life extreme disposition.

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” between the world ” states times, it is brutal, also be romantic, but to junior Zhou Rong, the life never shows brutal one side to her it seems that, she sees only ” horse of that moment car is slow, love one person quite only all one’s life ” . If the Cai Xiaoguang in drama says to Zhou Rong, make a person impressive, he says to Zhou Rong, “Romantic time, you beg love to chase after, fling caution to the winds the ground chases after Dashanli the face goes. Again later, the time of intellectual glory, you this with one action is taken an examination of attended the whole nation’s best college. Was over to grind originally, ground rich, you also feel you are especially fierce for certain. Arrive besides inside the home, an only daughter, parents is being bestowed favor on, brother is letting, married, gave birth to the child, also need not oneself are raised, you the half a lifetime before this must be to want wind to get wind really too, want rain to get rain. Want rain to get rain..

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Be this kind wants wind to get wind, want rain to get rain, just let Zhou Rong be in in that way a times, having alone, dare chase after the courage of big hill within for love, but no matter be origianl work, still be teleplay, when reader and audience see this paragraph, can feel Zhou Rong looks seeming the in fact that weigh affection is merciless most.

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Below the big environment at that time, to the family of much children, one can leave a child to be beside only, other child wants go to the countryside, home Zhou parents is to want to leave Zhou Rong to be beside originally, let two sons go to the countryside, and Zhou Rong runs secretly however. Week Chengdu him flatter oneself is serious situation, can think because of her love, fling caution to the winds, but she had not thought however, this kind of her choice the parents to her is a kind of what kind of harm.

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Even father searchs later when coming, zhou Rong expresses to father directly, also would rather not be willing to divorce with Feng Huacheng with parental disengage, feng Huacheng has an accident later, she is of one mind considers how to help the man only more, a bit takes no account of a daughter. Amative head of Zhou Rong is her selfish fig leaf only actually, zhou Rong is selfish and peacockish, in that time, crack oneself up is Wen Qing’s Zhou Rong, very clear Fenghua becomes poetic aureola, meet her what bring, perhaps compare at love, zhou Rong considers more it is what oneself can get.

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Say she is form of tragic a kind of expression, it is the ending because of her. The daughter is her Nemesis, did not teach the Zhou Rong of good daughter, final also be by daughter embroil, she of lifetime keen on face-saving, because the daughter loses the face,be stupefied is. The love between Cai Xiaoguang and week Chengdu is not real also, though Cai Xiaoguang is maiden,waiting for Zhou Rong all the time, but the fact is Cai Xiaoguang however defend and disloyal, be done not have in Zhou Rong and before Cai Xiaoguang is together, everything what what Cai Xiaoguang does resembles is ego touch, zhou Rong is his Bai Yueguang, he has said to too much person, oneself have many to love Zhou Rong, say he himself also was believed more.

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And Zhou Rong chooses Cai Xiaoguang finally, have two reasons, because Cai Xiaoguang loves her,one is, because Cai Xiaoguang is,another is the name guides, this wife looks Zhou Rong be like sensibility, but so sensible however that drive sb. to his death, who she always can measure just is the most appropriate to oneself. The tragedy on week Chengdu body depends on twist of half a lifetime, although final finally, by daughter complicity, but having Cai Xiaoguang to be being bestowed favor on, also be pretty good lifetime. Zheng Juan: Calculate half a lifetime eventually voidance photograph relatively Yu Zhourong, no matter be,experience from disposition or character, this part of Zheng Juan wants a lot of more complex, yan Tao evaluates Zheng Juan this part: “She is in an attempt to of sleep of all male Dou Meng virtuous wife fine mother. “She is in an attempt to of sleep of all male Dou Meng virtuous wife fine mother..

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3 the tragiccest accidents in life, teenager funeral father, middleaged bereft of one’s spouse, senile funeral child, these 3 things to when for the Zheng Juan that is abandoned by parents, on some kind of meaning, also calculate occupy complete. The likelihood also lives because of this kind just about environment, zheng Juan just is met lifetime calculate, live cautiously all one’s life, zheng Juan is adopted by Zheng mother, accordingly she does not have registered permanent residence, for registered permanent residence she began the first time plan in gut — the marriage of she and Tu Zhijiang.

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The relation between do as one pleases of Zheng Juan, Tu Zhijiang, water is worth to consider very much, between Tu Zhijiang and water do as one pleases the thing of have not dictum, give very obscurely in origianl work and teleplay, water do as one pleases, Tu Zhijiang, Luo Shibin is ” 9 tigers 13 eagles ” member, among them ” 9 tigers ” it is the male, “13 eagles ” it is a female. Be in ” between the world ” in origianl work, bloodguilty is not Tu Zhijiang, he carries a blame on the head for water do as one pleases, and Tu Zhijiang this intention, water do as one pleases is impossible also to do not know, tu Zhijiang and Zheng Juan’s marriage, also not be one-sided calculate of Zheng Juan, 2 people it may be said is chime in easily, to deceive the public, for registered permanent residence.

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Cherish the Zheng Juan of Luo Shibin’s child, after Tu Zhijiang dies, began plan the 2nd times — on the Zhou Bingkun body that makes the decision to body home innocence. Zheng Juan is known very much use the condition with advantageous oneself, see a person very accurate also, 2 people first time meets it may be said is very classical, zheng beautifuls smooth leg sits on kang to string together sugarcoated haws on a stick, zhou Bingkun falls in love at first sight to Zheng Juan, zheng Juan looks reach Zhou Bingkun likes to hers, adopt the form of leave sb at large in order to apprehend him afterwards, with Zhou Bingkun ground of follow a rational line to do some work well was together.

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Will tell to Zheng Juan, zhou Bingkun sees lubricious conceive a design falling in love at first sight is very flabby decide, to consolidate the relation of 2 people, zheng Juan plays again removed retreat in order to advance, claim to wait for Zhou Bingkun to find liked person, she is exited actively. This word of Zheng Juan, the feeling that lets 2 people directly turns into the ground to go up from underground, she took week door successfully also, do not see Zheng Juan a few times calculate, but her calculate does not let a person be fed up with, because everybody can understand her,be to let him subsist only, do not have bad heart.

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Marry the affection that Zhou Bingkun’s Zheng Juan also is Zhou Bingkun of recall with deep emotion, became virtuous wife fine mother, after Zhou Bingkun put in prison, she also did not leave him, maintained Zhou Jia for him however, serve the week mother of sicken lie in bed, take care of year young (Zhou Rong’s daughter) .

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The author of this work is very cruel-hearted, he did not give Gu of this half a lifetime pain, good the woman that seeing the dot is smooth not easily, a happy ending, playwrite beautifuls to Zheng this line, also be to consult origianl work was not moved roughly. After Luo Shibin loses fecundity, want to recapture Zhou Nan (Zheng Juan by Luo Shibin the son that be delivered of is bullied after wine) , the accidentally drop when Zhou Bingkun quarrels with its pushs him next stair, zhou Bingkun because error homicide put in prison.

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Good foster son Zhou Nan not easily grow into useful timber, ke Zhounan dies accidentally however, everything what can say Zheng beautifuls original plan gets, became bubble, she this lifetime has rich tragic color.

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