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Original title: ” day dragon 8 ” the Wang Yuyan in 3 version’s different outcome

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” day dragon 8 ” began to be in in September 1963 ” bright newspaper ” on serialize, share 3 edition up to now. In serialize edition, paragraph praise have Gao Mei of empress of a first wife. Paragraph praise after deciding affection with Wang Yuyan, wang Yuyan returns Dali, the largest possibility was to do imperial concubine.

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Jin Yong alludes in the communication with Zhou Yurui, originally the gut of set is Wang Yuyan enters palace hind, tall empress gives birth to hate because of be jealous of, take the advantage of Wang Yuyan to give palace to visit a surname answer, violate palace compasses rod or staff used for a specific purpose with Wang Yuyan duty she, force Wang Yuyan to return a surname answer beside.

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After Duanyu succession, gao Mei’s father rises peaceful interferes affairs of state, with paragraph praise have contradiction more, paragraph praise anger and become a monk or nun. Rise after peaceful is dead, duanyu restoration, married much more helpful to oneself Mu Wanqing.

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Jin Yong thinks originally will ” day dragon 8 ” cent is 8 stories, every story is, but because conception is too baronial, control hard, write into the ending of open mode. In serialize edition, answer Dali together with Duanyu and Wang Yuyan and end. The Duan Yulian on the history carries the Gao Mei in edition, consulted historical upside praise empress tall family name. In Dali, because tall home makes the same score betray have rendered great service, for generations is, the hand holds heavy advantageous position, gao Jianv is empress more, after palace stand by one’s word. ” paragraph the family name passes the lamp to record ” account, duan Zhengchun’s empress rises clean restricts marital concubinage strictly, the 2 people after the Supreme Being have Duan Zhengyan only (Duan Yuyuan) alone child, duan Zhengchun Ceng Xiewen says ” the husband is inferior to wife, also auspicious thing, wife cry east walk along Mochaoxi ” .

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Paragraph praise archetypal Duan Zhengyan, it is Dali country the 16th emperor, married the daughter of tall family name likewise. On the history, after this Gao Huang not only interference is municipal, still be in hind palace is act as a tyrant. Mouth of tall Zhi Chang of young younger brother gives empress plan buccal speech, be fathered to exile by Duanzheng, tall empress does not beg for leniency, look for excuse bastinado duty Duan Zhengyan bestows favor on the wife of a prince of heart of the wife of a prince, force Duan Zhengyan to call in order already issued.

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” day dragon 8 ” in serialize edition, gao Mei is the woman with a very tall gest, duan Zhengchun ever said, if Gao Mei did his daughter-in-law, be afraid of only paragraph praise should suffer her bully and oppress all one’s life. Ending changes again in well known triplex edition ” day dragon 8 ” in, jin Yong expunged Gao Mei this character, ending is upside of Wang Yuyan love praise, two people and Mu Wanqing, Zhong Ling answers Dali together, sequel was not explained. But with paragraph praise the love to Wang Yuyan, if marry a few people together, it is Wang Yuyan is certainly, mu Wanqing and bell spirit are deputy.

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Repair newly edition ” day dragon 8 ” ending, alter a bit big. Wang Yuyan sees in boundless jade hole ” immortal elder sister ” after jade resembles, very grouchy, extended hand push to pour jade to resemble, and paragraph praise also discovering what oneself like is not Wang Yuyan actually, however jade resembling. Wang Yuyan puts forward to want to answer aunt revive look for a surname answer, paragraph praise send her to leave.

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In this one edition, duan Yufa becomes aware Wang Yuyan never has love to cross his, mu Wanqing just is the person that loves his truly. After Wang Yuyan leaves, the lady-in-waiting dawn bud that Duanyu seals Mu Wanqing to be princess of virtuous the wife of a prince, the Western Xia regime to send for high-ranked imperial concubine, Zhong Ling is kind and gentle the wife of a prince. Who is just true love? Arrive from 1963 2005, ” day dragon 8 ” changed 3 edition, wang Yuyan’s ending changes ceaselessly. Jin Yong ever said, if let me be chosen in my novel,a person is done, I am willing to do ” day dragon 8 ” medium paragraph praise. Paragraph praise the kink to Wang Yuyan, also be Jin Yong’s kink actually.

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Original, paragraph praise pursuit stands high above the masses, of the within sight but beyond reach ” immortal elder sister ” Wang Yuyan, want to give so great effort only, with respect to the sincerity that can let her see her, respond to oneself love. After 40 years, jin Yong’s idea ran, he discovers all happiness about the sweetheart imagine, it is the filter mirror that augments to the other side in him heart, duanyu did not love Wang Yuyan so actually, wang Yuyan also won’t be responded to easily paragraph praise.

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Jin Yong borrows ” day dragon 8 ” new ending, put down oneself hold read aloud, also told a reader, the Wang Yuyan that the heart belongs to somewhat is not worth pursuit, those who be worth to cherish is to be willing with paragraph praise be born to die in all together, spoony not the Mu Wanqing of regret.

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