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Original title: Beautiful new theatrical work turns over in Shi Yuan failure! The modelling in drama not by show respect for, 7 ” grandma skirt ” too show old Never mention it our home theatrical work gathers together went up, theatrical work of Han of day theatrical work is new also recently drama is ceaseless, especially newest a sowed day theatrical work ” celestial cafeteria ” suffer with respect to equipment at the beginning expect, because the main actor is the beauty in everybody’s hep Shi Yuan, perhaps be to expect nevertheless too tall, be in head after sowing, fail to get is like wishing however reputably, look afterwards last ” Gao Ling’s flower ” after difference is judged this drama of the beauty in Shi Yuan turns over again failed.

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” Gao Ling’s flower ” because male advocate too ugly and drive a customer, and this ” celestial cafeteria ” male advocate can be young handsome young man, cast gut to do not have window besides, although changeful modelling maintains as before in drama of the beauty in Shi Yuan, but audience already not buy it, can say to go up even disappointed, what wear less is do not have in drama especially ” grandma skirt ” , change before elegant wind, too show old.

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The beauty in Shi Yuan before this although also there is no lack of coxcombical modelling, but after all is to girl vogue feels, this problem basically depends on these 7 too the skirt outfit that crosses flowery. Resemble render of this body white, v of sleeve of tangerine printing hubble-bubble gets skirt, although belong to French amorous feelings, but printing pattern too too marked and the shop asperses have distance feeling too too, little a pure and fresh feeling, of course this is tightened bundle half horsetail also brings about old mannish double.

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The beautiful skirt of this body purple is controversial most, edition very comfortable, it is expensive gas very. The couple that sleeve of lantern restoring ancient ways adds hubble-bubble sleeve brings about a shoulder to look at wide many, purple decorative pattern receives to seize body of full whole skirt, grow long skirt to place also show encumbrance slightly, the photograph is so more lightsome than be being done not have her of sprat, the person also is shown fat many, bit more ” young married woman ” inspect already feeling.

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Besides these design too too ostentatious, the beauty in Shi Yuan also has the pattern with a few very bold match colors, the broken flower that thinks this covers black grows skirt, mutiple level joining together adds collarband brim to bump into lubricious ornament, this skirt holds out much hotspot actually, but the overlay effect that is the design and color that black still has garment body probably, did not allow authority too accept too.

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Also have in drama appear many black skirt, these two with respect to amid. On one or so joining together bumps into lubricious joining together to have day type color very much, also let a person shine at the moment, the money of joining together of this net gauze of the private parts, still cake skirt is placed blend in, add pattern to be in black skirt body too show flowery slightly markedly too, when wearing the design skirt with very chief body of this kind of skirt actually, skirt avoid by all means too cross flowery, the range that attracts eyeball otherwise is too big, easy generation is gone against turn over psychology, going too far as bad as not going far enough.

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Besides grow the design to the ankle, this grows a paragraph to also let a person unplug immediately in genu too careless, the printing of this Mei red lets what the person thinks of mom immediately love most, common still round receipt waist is designed, too too compressed design, deserve to go up this hairstyle, this is not any more ” proofread the girl ” 10 yuan, this aesthetic still have let a person high cannot flatter with shoe of mouth of bright red fish.

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Cast those ” grandma skirt ” , the beauty in Shi Yuan also theres is no lack of in drama spell able pure lubricious business suit, suit her more. This covers maize dust coat above caramel color is built to connect body pants inside coat with respect to match colors relaxed, this gules business suit is worn below build also as always have temperament.

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Of course most let what the person likes or illicit her in taking, the shirt spells successional garment skirt, stripe meets pure expression, let a person find her that vigour is full again, can expect bottom theatrical work only 10 yuan ” strike back ” !

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