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Original title: ” full-dress ” play staff hiddden talents, minor minor role ” Qin Min ” , cooperate with Wang Junkai ” break the bridge “ The screen of this month, can saying is ” 100 beautiful contest are put ” , the public praise of several drama and heat all not common. In the discussion sound of as one falls, teleplay ” full-dress ” expression all the time pretty good. Because have the appearance of Song Jia, Chen He, Yuan that chant, Zhang Chao, Wang Yaoqing, Song Zuer of these well-known actresses participate in, the attention that improved whole department theatrical work greatly so is spent.

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Additional, ” full-dress ” the story is the each trying to cheat the other below fashionable industry setting, the soul-stirring of gut, look the person is to take very feeling. ” full-dress ” can show itself from the screen, cannot take off implication with formidable main actor battle array, but costar also has a hotspot very much.

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Do not know to had watched the audience of drama, whether to Qin Min is this part impressive? Qin Min, ” full-dress ” chief inspector of resource of magazine company labor power, have from the first collect come on the stage, it is the capable able person of leading role Chen Kaiyi, produced effect in a lot of crucial moment. In drama, always high-ranking part, have gas field very much, regard manpower resource as the Qin Min of chief inspector, more angry field is powerful.

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The actor of personate Qin Min calls Gong Bei Pi , a lot of people meet this name unfamiliar, but her work is worth to discuss very much. In last few years in teleplay work, ” choose day is written down ” ” blaze is cantabile ” ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” ” I am quite good in an alien land ” , have the figure of Gong Bei Pi .

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Although be costar, but also cannot look down upon her. Gong Bei Pi basically is to go out perform big IP, and in film writing part, she also is behaved pretty good. Ceng Can of Gong Bei Pi acts ” I and my motherland ” ” I am not medical god ” these two your work, last year, the film of her main actor ” Han Naxia day ” , received in glory the Cenozoic Era of film festival of the 71st Berlin award of unit and optimal film.

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And will be about to show in June this year ” break the bridge ” in, gong Bei Pi also is participated in among them. ” break the bridge ” many suffer fix eyes upon, naturally need not say more, celebrated director Li Yu hold guide, 3 great main actors are Ma Saichun, Wang Junkai, Fan Wei respectively. ” break the bridge ” it is one discusses ceaseless work in the beginning of prepare, be in even grand ceremony of year of manual of film of the 12nd youth, be judged to be 2021 year to make a person expect the film most.

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Can cause attention early ahead of schedule, the height that general work can reach this dispute. Since be such work, in be sure a lot of actors want to participate in its then. Gong Bei Pi can distribute a part, because have an actual strength that act,believing also is. Although Gong Bei Pi is only ” full-dress ” a medium minor minor role, but she goes out had performed a lot of outstanding work, it is an actor that is worth to expect.

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