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Original title: Another suspense big play will raid, main actor battle array ability appearance is uncommon, gold director is aided blast, close inspect firm In the high speed development of subject matter of numerous movie and TV, suspense drama sees a drop with its special gut all the time celebrated, important place is had inside circle of movie and TV, the elaborate plan that give, each trying to cheat the other appears in drama, straight from the shoulder Jing heart story, often can leave extraordinary story to experience to the audience, be like ” old 9 ” , ” the Luoyang since wind ” , ” inadvertently rabbi ” wait for drama, got through wonderful gut high public praise is evaluated. Still have one large quantities of waiting for sowing suspense drama is to be in more did not sow first igneous condition, be like ” the Gansu since wind on the west ” , ” moonish ” , ” corridor wells balanced ” etc, each drama sees dot and suspense atmosphere distinctly with his, the support that got large quantities of one vermicelli made from bean starch and expect. The person energy of life that is main actor battle array on the other hand is attracted, suspense drama nature needs to have the actor of actual strength, just about they give grumous dark fight setting through masterly acting explanation, foil gave the climax of gut. Zheng course of study becomes another suspense big play ” concealed woman ” will raid, partner daughter advocate ability appearance is uncommon, more gold director is aided blast maintain quality, close inspect firm. ” concealed woman ” it is setting in order to install Shi Zhi in disorder, basically told about to manage only the constituent Bai Yujing of assassinate, it is the compassionate ground that accepts homeless woman external, it is the Xiu Luozhi ground that full-time trains female assassin however inside. Regard Bai Yujing as zenithal killer quicksand more, lodging teenager Zhu Jing falls in love at first sight in going out, for this she enchanted wants to cast off assassin identity, die in what Zhu Jing witnessed in the crisis however, begin for her what avenge with ” a thousand pieces of gold ” assassin Cui puts a heart on the ice together, the two people with prominent gest are in proud in accidentally drop, however also a fault on the right side, heard the new information about Zhu Jing, more quicksand self-confident he did not die, began the new stay away from home that uncovers secret. Regard suspense of an ancient costume as big play, from inside the story we can see, gut advocate hit big female advocate development course, as cold blood merciless assassin had every heart because of the teenager’s occurrence, the severe exacting discipline that is an organization at the same time is manacled, it is to search the dirt heart of love actively to ripple at the same time, in one step by step the unforeseen event that cannot expect was experienced however in development, the backside of the misfortune is put in the big secret with unbeknown move however, be full of suspense colorific truth to be in one step by step digging. Wonderful story nature need is capable director, the director of this drama is Qi Jiyi, as famous gold is directed inside the circle, his hold guide strength had brought up a large number of classic theatrical work to make, be like ” evil of Jin Zhi desire ” , ” igneous dance Huang Sha ” , ” heart battle ” wait for composing, the innovation skill that he possesses lets drama make the transition that always can have expect to be less than, regard play of TVB trade war as one of supervise the manufacture of of 3 big gold, his suspense weaves strength was to get inside and outside of course of study is approbated consistently already, take up the post of director of this suspense big play this by him, quality had had optimal assure. Male chief commander is held the position of by Zheng Yecheng, although the leading role of suspense drama holds the position of the difficulty with be had certain, but be pressure brings motive force, the main chance that to Zheng Yecheng can yet be regarded as progresses, as 90 hind the actor of one’s previous experience of regular professional training, itself is having the strong base to the performance, he also had had besides to perform experience in great quantities, in ” spend 1000 bone ” , ” the undesirable person that draws all corners of the country ” , ” boreal rhyme Na Yuan ” in waiting for drama, jing Yeshan showed the potential of old show bone at him of study, having to the part very deep improve ability, can act the leading role suspense drama, this also is the strongest proof that he shows to he is fine actor. Female advocate hold the position of by Qin Lan, to her most propbably authority is not new, 75 she after has been been solid actress of dozen of solid actual strength clique, she before camera lens always is temperamental 100 change, from time to time is namby-pamby and attractive, qing Chun of from time to time is elegant, consequently also by the coronal with ” precious jade young woman ” title, in ” wind and cloud 2 ” , ” see one shade deep and remote dream again ” , ” sensible derive is vivid ” in waiting for work, she is the incisively and vividly that explains her capricious acting more, borrowed this to also get multinomial heavyweight large award, she been havinging very rich experience to all sorts of parts, expect this her performance. Course of study of Zheng of actor of actual strength of a new advance is become, haze of the Qin Dynasty of actor of an old brand, the Yan Zhi of two people belongs to online series, can be the same as stage show this also is put in certain surprise, after all the rate of support of person energy of life of two people is very tall, the your kind effort that coordinates gold director again is aided blast, viewing rate is steady. ” concealed woman ” already Guan Xuan switchs on the mobile phone, match Wen Xueling ” denounce awaits contingent ” begin the operation! Qi Jiyi. Expect to be able to meet with everybody at an early date. How do you become aware the winner performs a battle array? What view do you have to this drama? The welcome leaves a message to discuss You together.

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