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Original title: ” lens twin city ” strong finish, zheng Yecheng has a new theatrical work to will be sowed again, partner daughter advocate it is old friend Zheng Yecheng is in ” lens twin city ” in, one person cent acts the role of trigonometry, nice really area feels. His part 3 widely different, model particularly successfully. He can be the ferocious person with shade mysterious cunning, also can be of Lang of ground of be blinded by gain, still can be open-minded optimistic Zhen Lan. But without giving thought to his personate which part, have a common cause, that is ” Bai Wei / Bai Ying ” .

20220219093407 6210b98f28b91

As the person that ferocious, he is to A Wei’s love a kind hold read aloud; As Lang , his dialogue osmund love is have one kind; As Zhen Lan, the love of his dialogue Ying is one kind helps sb to fulfill his wishes. The love of Ying of true haze dialogue, bear and exercise restraint, he has a tear in the eye obviously, still pretend to be easily ego to speak however. Zhenlan is known perfectly well, bai Ying likes Su Mo, willing however rearward is loving Dan Zhenlan silently Bai Ying. See Bai Ying is sad, zhen Lan will be attentive channel; See Bai Ying get hurt, zhen Lan can feel distressed silently; See Bai Ying forgets Su Mo, zhen Lan did not rejoice, do not have the danger that takes the advantage of a person more.

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Zhen Lan is best male 2, his on the up-and-up, do not contend for do not grab, wish only Bai Ying can happy. Although ” lens twin city ” strong finish, but I am become by Zheng course of study however the Zhen Lan of personate, encircle pink deeply. Nowadays, zheng Yecheng has a new theatrical work to will be sowed again, partner daughter advocate it is old friend. This drama is drama of small cost net — ” Zhu Qing is good ” , you Aiji art manufacture. Till now, this drama has had 70 much people to undertake making an appointment. So, drama of net of this small cost, by what so charming?

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Above all, gut is absorbing. This drama adapts the novel from Yi person gaze ” my bright and beautiful garment defends adult ” , basically told about the long happy infanta with overbearing aggressive, the bright and beautiful garment that meets tall cold aloof and proud defends Shenyang banquet, performed ” female chase after male ” good fun. Must say, gut set is very absorbing, ferial after all in the teleplay that look, “Male chase after female ” the clue is more. So, “Female chase after male ” set, very absorbing still.

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Next, cast makes a person expect. Zheng course of study becomes the hero Shenyang banquet of personate, armed strength excel in. Can see from government-owned rich special number of a eriodical, shen Yanshou takes sharp, wear flying fish of a suit red to take had delimited night sky, dozen of play of so agile, acerbity bright, good really Sa. And, aloof and proud of Gao Leng of Shenyang banquet appearance, the heart is a tender person however. He is taking warm love, go saving atone for daughter advocate.

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And female advocate Ling of Liu of long happy infanta, put beautiful personate on the ice by Yuan. Mention Yuan Bing beautifuls, also be old friend. She is depended on ” coloured glaze ” medium ” Zhu Xuan Ji ” one horn, give a group quickly. The Zhu Xuan Ji of her personate, clever, lovely, still take a slow-witted bud breath. What make a person impressive most is, person of her hold up and do not know oneself, always accidentally the heart of the others in stamp.

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Nowadays, yuan ice beautiful is in ” Zhu Qing is good ” in the Liu Ling of personate, overbearing, aggressive, become the Shenyang banquet of personate with Zheng course of study, have very strong CP feeling. After all their 2 people Yan Zhigao, acting is good, collocation is together, also be very good knock. Finally, take change excellent + titles music is Orphean. In light of the picture that gives off from Guan Bo, yuan puts beautiful on the ice to wear Hua Yi, the temperament of a pair of daughter of an eminent family. Mix plus distinctive modelling makeup look, showed high, elegant temperament more.

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And, marriage of red garment of her a suit is taken, compare simply ” coloured glaze ” beautiful still. Must say, modelling division, take change true intention. Of course, the titles music of this drama, also have Feel very much. Titles music ” spend in all ” You Liuyu is sung rather, his voice is soft and strong, deserve to go up again absorbing gut, true too shook. So, do you expect ” is Zhu Qing good ” this drama? Expect to buckle 1, do not expect to buckle 2

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