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Original title: Thunder drama! ” glorious times ” into Zhang Yi ” macula ” , wu Jing also cannot save Zhang Yi ” sodden eye “ Recently, ” glorious times ” receive grade ” airborne sharp ” show broadcasted, this teleplay was an audience to show a paragraph with humorous performance manner ” chic ” drama of time punishment detect, and Zhang Yi is the biggest hotspot in drama undoubtedly, masterly acting enough is maintained ” Zheng Chaoyang ” this part, but the thunder person degree of gut makes a person however bristle with anger.

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Zhang Yi in last few years person energy of life goes up all the way, had especially ” chicken feather flies on a day ” this explodes red drama, zhang Yi was admitted not only acting, with respect to Lian Yan the value also got admissive. And this Zhang Yi that is not one’s previous experience of regular professional training, just explode red received ” glorious times ” , probably a when this drama will become Zhang Yi to deduce a road to go up ” macula ” .

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See Zhang Yi ” glorious times ” the divine theatrical work that recalled Wu Ji grand ” advance towards the victory ” , two teleplay theme is similar, gut also very Lei Ren. Jacket of dress of Wu Ji grand is riding motorcycle bully gas shows a body, and of Zhang Yi ” play handsome ” it is a go even farther than more.

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But even so, wu Jing also cannot save Zhang Yi to pick a play ” sodden eye ” .

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And there still is an anybody in drama Haoping plain, content of Hao Pingchuan’s this individual also is the place of the Lei Ren of this drama, of Hao Pingchuan come on the stage very handsome, look in the audience, hao Pingchuan is the person that a bully gas has definite idea again, be in however next in gut, hao Pingchuan overturned simply the 3 view of little picture.

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Zheng Chaoyang need not say more, the acting of complete theatrical work takes on, every woman can have implication with him, is affection no matter business or intelligence quotient, zheng Chaoyang overrides on everybody, just, zheng Chaoyang this part resembles having BUG simply in this drama same, do not have the difficulty that cannot overcome all the way, such character can let a person feel hyperbole in teleplay!

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Overall for, ” glorious times ” it is a refresh simply the teleplay of 3 view, the Zheng Chaoyang of Zhang Yi personate has one to plant ” make a fuss about an imaginary illness, pretend to be argumentative ” feeling, and gut affusion serious. Just do not know this teleplay can affect Zhang Yi is the person henceforth enraged?

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The person’s because drama umbra is noisy angry in the circle star is absent a few, the famousest is Huang Xiaoming, huang Xiaoming from original ” big fellow the emperor ” prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan and red, what to perform to be called to now ” sodden acting ” yellow hierarch, experience during can not be 9 ” thunder drama ” . And Huang Xiaoming also enrages damage because of the person and ego has thought over, just, person energy of life is already confirmed, wanted to change what can you still change again? Zhang Yi is in last few years ability is able to explode red, can be the good person gas that just gathers is about by ” glorious times ” destroy, such a few years does Zhang Yi still go smoothly? Hope Zhang Yi’s acting is not wasted, there can be a pair when also hoping Zhang Yi receives a play ” good eye ” .

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