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Original title: Jin Wenxin is how background of family of golden Wen Xin introduces Recently, the teleplay that Jin Wenxin acts the leading role ” division of piano of a bamboo stick used as a toy horse ” fervent in broadcasting, the Yang Chu end of her personate in drama got many audiences people love. However, a few netizens are not to understand very much to Jin Wenxin however, is she after all how of fire?

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Jin Wenxin is how igneous Jin Wenxin gives looking glass in first time when, audience people with respect to discovery she grows so that part resembles parting singer Deng Li Jun, and the Jin Wenxin at that time also by everybody praise for ” small Deng Lijun ” .

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Subsequently, jin Wenxin is in ” super female voice ” in transcribe, depending on oneself outstanding appearance condition, and comprehensive talent and ability, successful finally those who entered the throughout the country 10 strong, go out formally thereby. Initial stage goes out at that time, jin Wenxin encountered people on one’s own side to give birth to medium Bai Le — have ” the factory that make a star ” the day amusement medium that say, the autograph below the banner makes an appointment with large quantities of singers, actor, producer, can calls an industry thumb.

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Because oneself are having melting appearance and pretty good organ requirement, plus having ” day amusement ” ace force is held in both hands, xin of Wen yielding gold came true quickly to explode overnight red. Because the cause of camera lens often is faced before oneself, after letting Jin Wenxin, be in ” super- female ” become very self-confident also on arena, and oneself are in actor of later period transition when, also gave not little effort for this.

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It is reported, jin Wenxin enters a play staff in first time later, a before switch on the mobile phone night, she studies her play all night, each episode that experiences character place is carried alone come out to study one time. For the word that uses Jin Wenxin, shift to an earlier date namely experience oneself to give the character that perform to be under that kind of setting, what thinking in the heart, what can do, for from the back film ahead of schedule ready-made. She is in before piece act ” hussar of seventeen years old ” when, good to can act successfully ” permit ” , jin Wenxin consulted ” the musical instrument of steel ” wait for the film, return specially to mom ” go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures ” . Jin Wenxin says at that time: “Follow my mom because of permissive age about the same, what tell in the film is them that youth of acting person, so I chatted with mom before act in a play very long her teen-age condition. So I chatted with mom before act in a play very long her teen-age condition..

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This shows, although Jin Wenxin is not professional actor one’s previous experience, but after oneself are drilling through study and all previous, her deduction style a bit is not as poor as professional actor. There once had been before background of family of golden Wen Xin introduces Jin Wenxin ” learn bully ” title, university of golden Wen Xin reads institute of the science and technology in Yuhua before it is reported, it is to broadcast manage a department learn bully, she checks this school with outstanding achievement.

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As we have learned, domestic condition of Jin Wenxin is advantageous, her parents begins to foster the endowment of her music respect when she is very small, this also is her the musical road henceforth filled up a foundation. Can be the domestic background about Jin Wenxin, there is a message to divulge rarely however on the net, also had disclosed to everybody rarely with respect to Lian Jinwen him Xin.

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Nevertheless, netizens also are the experience according to her, the analysis gave a result. Jin Wenxin learns namely as a child bully, and parents can have what she fosters so talent, domestic background scarcely is general. The Jin Wenxin nowadays also is the position that had his in recreational group, the parents that believes her sees her present, also can feel very proud certainly.

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