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Original title: The city of time: Meng Xuan is so brilliant the old man of much gold, why to denounce as every year small wolfhound happy event? Look ” the city of time ” before, most those who expect is every year cruel loves Jing Tian and Xu Weizhou deductive, the bogus orthopaedics clue in origianl work can be quite complete reductive, but after seeing play, the affectionate cruel that admires to go up at Rong Jia besides Jing is handsome, jing Tian’s Wen Wansa is beautiful, still have via exceeding personate male mood of 2 the first month is installed.

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Do not pay close attention to really previously via exceeding this actor, know he is the husband of small Li Lin only, grow so that have bit of Xiaoshuai, acting is OK still, piece had performed many heat to sow drama, but it is costar mostly, the person is set also is not special circle pink is denounced happy event. Until ” the city of time ” sow, light sees stage photo feel the first month via exceeding personate 7 father very absolutely, the eyes is abstruse and biting, the figure is carried high slender, although appearance is inferior to male Zhu Junya, but mature and brilliant, have the sedate temperament of old man of successful personage and behind the curtain. It is outside no matter, temperamental still, take via exceeding hold high degree of professional proficiency, picture extremely in some river novel cranky old man person is set. Tell true, so brilliant like Meng Xuan the old man of much gold, money has appearance to have charm, after once was being experienced familial haze, the elder sister is enticed by dissembler, lose kylin of gold of treasure of handed down from the older generations of the family, familial career suffer a disastrous decline, this and do not calculate, the elder sister commits suicide madly finally, leave next psychosis to return the young sister’s son of deformity.

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Open bureau sincerity miserable, how is Dan Mengxu still carrying all pressure and animosity, return Shanghai afresh, avenge the belief that is him, but of love as agreed upon and coming is unexpected thing, perhaps he never has thought who he can fall in love with truly, but Feng world appears really, the heart that broke Meng Xuan confinement is prevented. But although drop into the love net, but it is one’s own wishful thinking only seemingly, this is male those who match is sad, although Meng Xuan is such outstanding, why to still denounce as the small wolfhound that takes thorn all over happy event? Because he is not male,the reason is not just advocate, more it is love in the order of arrival is paid attention to in the world, although his specific volume fine go up to know Feng Shizhen first, stem from use the plan with be mixed better, they became division person. Of hand of Meng Xuan handgrip teach Feng Shizhen, try to teach her attune into an outstanding female spy, even, still engraft oneself thought concept to the world true, the palm accuses desire too strong. This is Feng Shizhen cannot be accepted, and want as real as what Meng Xuan parts company reason, 3 view should not, cannot conspire an affair, it is long love what is more,the rather that.

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Meng Xuan’s advantage builds the mature and sedate experience at him wide, if be wet behind the ears girl, be enchanted very easily also by such man, not quite rational perhaps, the girl of indulge romance love, falling in love with him is a very normal thing. After all 7 father are very attractive man, this nods Feng Shizhen to also admit, but she cannot love him, because she is an extremely clever woman, the thought has knowledge, won’t be puzzled by buckish place of the surface. Fall in love with Rong Jia to go up, it is the predestined relationship that Feng Shizhen cannot prevent, meet the first times anew see him, have dance lightly with him, feng Shizhen’s heart very jubilate, what she likes is temperamental and clean, the handsome young man of eyes pure clear, need not mature, but disposition bearing is close friends.

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This a little bit is accorded with completely on Rong Jia, and Feng Shizhen does preceptress in look home when, discover more virtues on Rong Jia gradually, he is clever and keen, resemble a sharp that can give scabbard at any time. The most important is, on Rong Jia very simple kindness, those who love a meeting to draw out a heart to draw out lung is good to her, send warmth, do romance, although mature to be like Feng Shizhen calmly, the joy that also can have girl heart caper. And before Meng Xuan is admitting to fall in love with Feng Shizhen, all the time game world, red is heard ceaseless, be like Bao Li to closer lover concerns with the boudoir honey with true life even.

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Say so, although on the Rong Jia of early days too too green acerbity, take thorn all over, every year small wolfhound, but in emotional world, he loves heart and soul, almost besides a bridge this poem is knitted, did not have action of a bit exceed to other woman completely, great refuse to be contaminated by evil influence. On this, what Meng Xuan is defeated is complete. Brilliant the old man of much gold has charm again, but to Feng Shizhen such woman, without corporeal desire, pursuit spirit is concomitant, be destined to do not have too much appeal.

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Love is simple and dinkum, when be together on He Rongjia, feng world is happy undoubtedly really, contented, fall in love with him, she does not regret. (the picture comes from small gain)

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