Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Chen Qing makes win the 8th Guizhou Province literary award Recently, the 8th Guizhou Province is literary list of bear the palm of award of award, literature of first Guizhou Province is official show. Among them, the network teleplay that acts the leading role by Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo ” Chen Qing makes ” obtain the 8th Guizhou Province in work of literary award bear the palm ” TV kind ” third class award. Justice city collects abide by of the Communist Party of China plain area appoint propagandist department teleplay ” great transition ” obtain obtain the 8th Guizhou Province in work of literary award bear the palm ” TV kind ” first prize.

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Obtain Guizhou this literary award, can say cast, gut, and even find a view came true perfect. For instance this films take scene land, at that time is the city of Dou Yun movie and TV in the city austral Guizhou Guizhou, many exterior also are there, scenery really very beautiful. We says, chen Qing makes Yyds, wait for summer to go Guizhou hits calorie of Chen Qing to make film the ground!

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A makes truly fierce place depends on, gut does not sell corrupt. Certain person does not take rhythm, this drama lets a person feel good-looking is the disposition of everybody truly, destiny each are not identical, the director also says to let him audience experience. Resembling is the useless bavin of cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine in the sort of novel, since be born to be distained by countless people, but also be like those to abolish Chai Yi type, what it takes is counterattack play.

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Congratulation Chen Qing makes! Congratulation the Wang Yibo that resemble battle! Acknowledgment A makes mix two advocate achieve the summer in 19 years to bring so much joy to us, won’t forget rich Ji battle to admire forever!

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“Wish I am blue forget machine / lifetime eliminate traitors helps Wei Moxian up weak, feel no regret at the heart! Feel no regret at the heart!!

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