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Original title: Decide archives! Make speech of triumphant Wu Jin ” still feed ” renew leading edge, saw on Feburary 22, 2022 Decide archives! Make speech of triumphant Wu Jin ” still feed ” renew leading edge, saw on Feburary 22, 2022! ” still feed ” since switching on the mobile phone from October 2020 when now, wanted to sow eventually. Slow fire is fine boil, boil life slow, wish to be not lost await. Feburary 22, 2022 is the wedding day that chiliad meets, ” still feed ” sow, expect a dinner! Seek the story of backside of Zhu Zhan radical and Yao Zijin together. Red wall black is made of baked clay, stop time look, an all ages. My love came back eventually, the Huang Taisun that makes triumphant personate Zhu Zhan radical will with personate of Wu Jin character still feed bureau daughter Guan Yaozi Jin is performed female recall male story, renew the dreamy linkage of leading edge, did stamp become medium the DNA of how many audience? Eventually new theatrical work was chased after, can see small hutch woman and highness of son’s eldest son, suit ancient costume very much as before!

20220219093636 6210ba24c1f40

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On Feburary 19, teleplay ” still feed ” stage photo was shared on Guan Wei, government-owned announce teleplay ” still feed ” calm archives, match article record: Big screen is pulled open, be the enemy be a friend? Also have sweetness distressed? Family happiness, group Ji Junxiu, invited you on Feburary 22 punctual expect! Fu Ying Cp cooperates again, of two people again together, it is really too expected, dreamy linkage. Character of Xu Kai, Wu Jin ” still feed ” renew leading edge! Netizen: The sound that the snow in upside drama falls, rang several years in the heart, preexistence: Wei Ying Luo, issue generation to be able to defend me in order to change you! This life: Zhu Zhan radical, I accompany this all one’s life you go seeing flourishing age peace and tranquility. The setting that preexistence brushs a shoulder and passes returns in this life, that ” good, I promise you ” without seam join gut. 2

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Transmit of Wu Jin character ” still feed ” the conduct propaganda that decide archives, dispatch: Knowledge world 100 flavour, see hot and cold dispute, sturdy place is thought of must install in the heart oneself. Rose to go to what still feed to make an appointment with in all with Yao Zijin on Feburary 22. Wu Jin character still is fed perform ancient costume again, on atmosphere feeling placard, person of edge setting out appears a month, bright wrist coagulates frost snow. Yao Zijin is very beautiful, from still feed bureau female official to arrive empress, harvested best friendship and love finally. Xu Kai is same also transmit decides archives to publicize, write: Country of a thousand li, 10 thousand lis of signs of human habitation, the heart puts the world, just be correct path. On atmosphere feeling placard, a pair of amber pupil, one gets the better of Xue Yi, ride to the word of mortals absolutely, with one action decides heaven and earth, the day chooses child, only ” make ” at you. The highness of son’s eldest son that expects the world of cherish of Xu Kai deductive Zhu Zhan radical. 3

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Before half a lifetime everywhere dissolute, half a lifetime is your Bao soup after, that is quiet and good in be wind and cloud. Sui Xiaosun tastes worldly acid sweet, wave for that one room only eventually sweet, see Yao Zijin of small hutch woman how take next son’s eldest son step by step with cate Zhu Zhan radical, character of Xu Kai, Wu Jin ” still feed ” love story was performed. All such as come to sansei, not heart of forget one’s origin, from beginning to end. Netizen: Is present Cp serials? ” the strategy that delay happiness ” in it is full regret two, of lifetime care, this in ” still feed ” in, should renew leading edge eventually, it is round at long last the dream of teach Ying girls, begin above! On Feburary 22 ” still feed ” come eventually, finally, bless them! The article is achieved formerly by the sweet-scented osmanthus tree in the moon, welcome to pay close attention to, take you to grow knowledge together!

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