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Original title: Li Ronghao collects treasure, god gave a pair ” sodden card ” , she was hit however ” king blast “ A lot of actor are having instantly obviously very good resource, how but he is not known,use these resource, bring about good skill finally shop sign to give batter down. Believe everybody has had seen such case, after all the recreational group competition ability of instantly is so great, occasionally actors by force of pressure, bring about oneself to hold the resource inside bad hand finally.

20220219102107 6210c493e5889

If a girl gives birth to a family formerly extremely bad, does she still have opportunity health to grow? In if a singer has not go out,be being encircled, old man decides ” I won’t give record to you for certain! ” does she still have an opportunity to sing? If an actor made alleged ” principle ” mistake, still have an opportunity to turn over? …

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Yang Chenglin tells you: Can! There is one to send a person in recreational group, we can call them ” the clique that suffer from affection ” , cry again ” former unripe family kills me not shallow clique ” , bleak, maybe still has their family poverty, one’s lot not the uncle of / of brother of / of father / mother of save trouble, for instance Mei Yanfang (have a bloodsucker mother, elder brother) , Zhang Shaohan (parental uncle rises jointly without place need not its are polar and minatory want money) …

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Go out subsequently acted ” sea manner and air is sweet heart ” , ” undesirable laugh flower ” wait for heat to sow TV image play.

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Yang Chenglin also is KTV the old friend of group of wheat bully sister, in those days the each idol play of conflagration is the source ground that golden Qu Bei gives.

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Need not acclaim repeatedly in all sorts of lacy news — after all ” annual ring says ” in list of person of a general term for ci and qu, li Ronghao is written over with respect to shining, this feeds dog food advancedly!

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At this moment we turn round, just discover she had become that actual strength not common, work is in hand, temperament sends composed actor more however. In this entertainment group, accomplish photographic win namely, but she was accomplished however cannot replace.

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