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Original title: Li Retong is lone still yearn for new amour 10 years to because emotional burst reachs father to die,ever sufferred from on depressed disease Hong Kong well-known actress, having ” the most beautiful small Long Nv ” the Li Retong that say is the famous aspic inside the circle all the time age goddess, also be generation person’s happiest green memory. In recent years, li Retong fades out of screen gradually, now and then come out to pat take theatrical work, attend a few business to perform an activity. And early before Li Retong sows drama anthology in outback heat ” Chen Qing makes ” in, the Jing of ancient costume the appearance of an actor that uses beauty again admired most audience.

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Although Li Retong is not leading role in this drama, it is to gues-star a show merely, but cast with raise one’s hand sufficient the elegant temperament between and only beautiful ancient costume the appearance of an actor, still make audience hard dismiss from one’s mind. And a few years recently, li Retong also moved his development centre of gravity inland, filmed a few teleplay and film, give her old as before special be confused by drama people welcome and support.

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When Li Retong is accepting medium to interview every time later, mention oneself father, li Retong can burst into tears almost. She also says frankly the fact that she dare not face father to leave her all the time. Till the tomb-sweeping day this year, li Retong just roused courage truly to visited his father. After dying from father at the same time, li Retong depends on each other with the mother all the time, of pair of her meticulously that she also thanks a mother very much take care of, made her had walked along life low ebb.

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