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Original title: Gut inverts greatly! The lead group of indestructible is faced with disintegrate After experiencing endless winter to rest, ” an utterly worthless person ” the 9th part that received eleventh season eventually, whole department theatrical work has bit of new variety eventually. It is almost begin from the 2nd season, whole department theatrical work gives priority to horny group with lucky gram, the group ever incurred risk several times, even by break up, but gang of other of meet head-on of whole group be of one heart and one mind, interior never has produced large stick to one’s position. Looking irritated of crossbow elder brother and dog leave after the story, gut transformed suddenly picture wind, the appearance of a bit big ending.

20220219102130 6210c4aad0ef9

The gut progress of this one collect is very rapid, basically be cent undertakes for two lines. It is Alexander community encountered a rainstorm above all, fierce wind brash wraps nip to wear the partial enclosure that thunder destroyed community, thunder brought conflagration. This makes everybody must guard community to the room that gives withdraw into passive defence to defend, drive funeral cadaver.

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This clew does not calculate strictly speaking to go up too alarmingly dangerous, what stress popular feeling exclusively is the group bestows favor on Zhu Di this be in to save case bud silk basement is deep-set jail. Fortunately nevertheless two people are answered proper, wait in time will come to help. The word says, benjizhu enlighten this show share diminishs somewhat.

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This ability is true hind funeral cadaver times grows the child that rise, before a few concentration advocate the ursine whelp that those funny funeral dead body that start personnel arrangement play is essential with respect to unlike the person that is Alexander, derisive still Zhu Di this. You say this is funeral cadaver just erupted I still believe the child of moment, but this 11 season, the new generation that can you come down alive who is in funeral cadaver in surrounding, grow rise? The bridge that still has this kind of NT paragraph can saying only is playwrite NT. Fortunately later these a few ursine children also had not appeared again, otherwise case human relations should be lived by gas.

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Ma female singer and crossbow elder brother of collaborate from within with forces from outside avenge ” the person that reap ” the truly big play that just is this collect. It is Li on one hand inferior crossbow elder brother aimed muzzle suddenly after dry pope wield the sceptre, a bit feelings is not told, two people for oneself a group of things with common features group went all out main. “The person that reap ” also be worthy of is military one’s previous experience, chan Bing fights force can says is complete theatrical work highest. Carver is in by the Buddhist nun Ji Heyi of root, Ma benefit inferior still can finish below the circumstance that 3 people outflank kill instead. If it were not for is final the root gives the Buddhist nun shade action, be afraid this drama with respect to be over.

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Added 100 to also encounter the priest on at the same time, both sides spread out the rich play chess of a mentally. Priest of the other side used god to launch drive to adding 100 directly cruel attack, we can see that is flashy even the hesitation that adds 100, I was worried for him sincerely at that time. Add 100 from original that is recreant and cowardly, see funeral cadaver knows the priest that run turned the core battle nowadays into force only, this goes to not allow indeed all the way easy.

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Added ground of 100 as expected to choose correct route finally: One knife dry the other side. Does burn loot return TM rational? Of what god child civilian? TM is talk nonsense! Of course, we know, add 100 current battle strength, the other side is the body to defy also is to be over absolutely be defeated. When we see this collect winding-up stage when adding row and meet again of 100 Luo Xi tower, we imagine medium god had his heart to return already actually not hard place.

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Next what hostage exchanged show share to show two female command adequately is cruel and evil. Crossbow elder brother uses Carver to did his utmost to facilitate to be exchanged with the condition of the person that reap as hostage. In fact, if thing so the end is best choice to both sides. Dan Liya used the advantage of sharp-shooter to reverse negotiation condition directly as the chieftain of the person that reap right now. Hold when her windward when begin to not comply not the results of battle that forgive tries to enlarge one’s own side. The fact proves, negotiation this the thing is only when bilateral armed strength is quits ability is effective.

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Li inferior also be in this in trading iteration that has talked things over originally ” the person that reap ” complete fall from the sky established fundamental key. Command female singer of sharp-shooter dry Ma when her when, add 100 to appear suddenly sneak attack sharp-shooter of the other side. “The person that reap ” sharp-shooter gets offline, and of one party of Ma female singer alone eye Ju god enters the court, attack and defence the instant was changed come over. Held windward crossbow elder brother to put forward again just ” trade ” , the situation forces Li inferior must choose disarm to prepare to take a person to leave. If be determined to go all out,go down anyway, adverse to both sides. The most possible outcome is ” the person that reap ” the cost that Fang Yiquan destroys is changed so that the other side gets hurt or die partly.

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I think thing this so ended, who expects Ma female singer changes an idea suddenly to unplug skill gun is opposite of a bare-handed ” the person that reap ” shoot madly. Have Li only inferior escape in order to be wounded constrainedly, the feeling of for old time’s sake of crossbow elder brother that recalls also chose to put her one horse. After coming back, Ma female singer is with what execute means killed the Carver that lies on the ground directly more. Must say, true TM satisfy a craving!

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I am not is a force mad, perhaps be Ma female singer the spirit of this kind of inobservant bond applauds. However gut progress is too slow too hold back is bent, look much the goddess Biao of Hollywood, now and then appear one kills the role with decisive cut down to make a person shine at the moment indeed. Besides is Li apparently inferior lead ” the person that reap ” break one’s promise prevenient, once this kind of habitual offender lets the tiger run away sure future trouble is boundless. If at that time Ma female singer sympathizes with a heart suddenly to run rampant, that still is the cacique that is a qualification with respect to what cannot say really. Is what had before a few season eaten deficient little still?

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Nevertheless this kind of behavior of Ma female singer psyched out the Buddhist nun directly, this brought about the Buddhist nun of the root leave. The Buddhist nun the root was to get the affirmatory ability of Ma female singer sets his mind at to stay, but reality tells the Buddhist nun the root, the acceptance of Ma female singer is the paper in the toilet, say to rip rip, he is to fear not to know when to can be carried on the back to prick really. Nevertheless, the Buddhist nun the departure of the root range estimation is playwrite buries another foreshadowing below.

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Eugene is taking federal soldiers and police to come to Alexander when this collect is terminal. Although Rance shows the pattern that comes to a pair to want to help, but before a few market appear him what come out to taking some kind of plot to be inside certainly. Once lead group is immersed in the crisis, it is the root answers the Buddhist nun to come to help personally likely very. Also be the Buddhist nun likely the root found lucky gram and Dao Mei, return together. After all the tradition according to beautiful theatrical work, last season comes complete member build up, it is beyond the mark to reap a feelings to should not calculate.

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