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Original title: Kill you old father, sleep you are old Mom, seize your first love, this is I had seen probably most destroy the play of 3 view! Zhou Xing gallop the film ” thing of domestic be pregnant ” in ever had so a bridge paragraph:

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Though this is to do only,laugh and the clue of set, but did not think of true somebody did it. Simply fine think of extremely fear. No matter your 3 view have many, hoped to look only today this, you can hold normal 3 view as before — drama name ” cost “

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What film goes is dark black wind, light is the sense that placard gives a person a kind of special depression. None exaggerated is told, it is OK to see this summary went out so a few keywords: High-energy, depressive, large scale, destroy 3 concept… male advocate the well-known lawyer Ao Shangui that is personate of You Xiaoli a period of ten days complementary.

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One begin at somebody’s convenience is affixed to him ” super ox forces ” label — the major that this is close to a miracle, abstruse hill was accomplished.

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Career wind unboiled water rises, sentiment is similar sweet also. Abstruse hill has a beautiful cummer that is a lawyer likewise, two people live carefree happy life.

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However this day, a letter of arise suddenly, threw into confusion thoroughly the life of abstruse hill. One is called An Teng to amount to also the person is accused the murderer of a murder. At the same time he also is the cousin of abstruse hill, so he wants abstruse hill to hold the position of his counsel for the defence.

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Abstruse hill sees this letter become nervous and disturbed for an instant, breath is hurried even within an inch of chokes. Took a lot of medicaments finally, ability reluctance stability comes down.

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Original, this letter is ticked off removed Ao Shanchen to seal long already painful memory. Abstruse hill has a happy and perfect family originally in one’s childhood. Until one of these day, of the cousin visit suddenly, became his nightmare begin.

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Cousin apparently look condescending and civilized, person cultivate is harmless, but the heart is exceeding however and actually screwy. Meet for the first time, he uses the watch for an opportunity of abstruse hill with respect to chaos, the mother that shoots abstruse hill secretly changes clothes.

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Abstruse hill witnessed whole process, check feebly again however.

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But the dark side of the cousin has only not just such! To dominate abstruse hill thoroughly, the cousin uses his hand, pushed a little girl building.

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This thing let the childhood of abstruse hill leave graven shadow.

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However this has not been over, the thing later more send irremediable. Take the advantage of person of Home Aoshanyi carelessly, he fell to confuse medicine in the meal.

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Still did a few businesses that cannot describe to abstruse hill mom next.

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After ending when everything, a baked wheaten cake dropped the home of abstruse hill.

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A happy household is so odd destroy was in in the hand of an ursine child. And the cousin was not allowed why to be punished not only, return ground of be perfectly justifiable to occupy the belongings of abstruse hill home by force.

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If say before the word that this paragraph of experience is nightmare to abstruse hill, so the later life in occupy cousin home arrived as coming Tartarean. Suffer all kinds of everyday mistreat, be hit by stepmother, be hit by the cousin, by the classmate desolate.

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Good the schoolgirl that encountered not easily to like, this thinking is a paragraph of sweet first love.

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Result cousin looks for person annulus. Evil she, still destroyed her look, gave abstruse mountain whole thing impute. Female classmate can’ts bear be insulted, chose to commit suicide finally.

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Did not think of this one letter was broken thoroughly originally quiet! Aoshanben considers Yi Zhengyan take leave refuse: I won’t defend for you!

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For the safe consider of cummer, abstruse hill or decision accept this next law case. This nevertheless he is different from the past, he wants to forge evidence, let a cousin be sentenced to not have period. But the thing is far what imagine without him is so simple, be versed in as a child the cousin at calculation is early had arranged everything.

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In fact, the cousin did not commit murder, he this purpose considers a fatal position of abstruse hill park namely. He regarded material evidence as case hair with the thing of him stepmother pornography that day, proved oneself innocence.

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Still had arranged a witness ahead of schedule, will point to card abstruse hill kills in those days namely the murderer of first love.

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So this female witness is in those days the little sister that Ao Shanchu loves, and also the cousin has arranged the testimony that she says beforehand.

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Abstruse hill is enraged on the spot dizzy in the past. And cousin also because have perfect not attendant proof, adjudge on the spot innocent release.

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Was turn for abstruse hill to begin to strike back wonderfully with respect to this next battle.

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How to see this strike back nevertheless battle should won’t relaxed, lying between screen to be able to feel Aoshannanei the helpless feeling of the heart.

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With respect to Lian Xiaoli him a period of ten days also says: When reading a script, I expect this part will be very hard. When filming actually, I feel really really too too depressive, painstaking… feel the life outside making fun of even oneself even also turmoil.

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No matter be,be being returned from drama complex compose is cast, be worth to look. Spend big reason because of feet regrettablly only, can broadcast with the form of net drama only.

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I feel this also has particular concern with the growing environment of his itself, suffer father to mistreat as a child, return those who follow stepmother to maintaining screwy relationship. Abstruse hill is exclusive probably one has said with him ” we become a friend ” person. Can how can happy person become a friend with me unfortunate? Be inferior to indulge in abyss one case. True, must say, ” make friend must careful ah ” . This is a lot of people look probably this piece after the first comprehended.

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