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Original title: ” warm blood of faithful fetch go alone guard ” ace seniority, shadow most regrettablly, zhong Yuan is ground absolutely pressure By Wu Zi ox hold guide, the person such as Ding Haifeng, Chen Saicheng, big universe acts the leading role ” warm blood of faithful fetch go alone guard ” , it is drama of knight-errant of ancient costume of a rare.

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The director Wu Zi of this drama is arrogant hold had guided big play of a lot of histories, include us place is hep ” the world barn ” , ” chastity view grows a song ” , ” the Deng Xiaoping in historical turn ” , ” Yu Chenglong ” etc, and this ” warm blood of faithful fetch go alone guard ” also be he holds a knife with one’s own hands, the theatrical work of a knight-errant with not much amount to.

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What this drama tells about is, bright god ancestor year an a large amount of duty silver that come from carry of county of each district government office are abrupt do not know whereaboutldirection, the capital appeared Jiang Yang 8 child roily public security endangers common people, make bright god Zong Zhuyi your faint the biggest crisis since feeling ascend the throng is coming over in Xiang Daming political power, make him be determined to reform tax system force to punish corruption. Act under orders big inside guard Zhong Yuan finds out Jiang Yang 8 child, finding out Jiang Yang 8 child in the process, zhong Yuan is made fun of several times by beggar, by Jiang Yang 8 child wait for a person to use monetary lure by promise of gain, surround do not kill. Hind Jiang Yang 8 child be shot dead by Zhong Yuan in succession, and the Feng Bao of big eunuch of backstage prime criminal of all these also rises to surface. Today, small write those superior that in talk about drama with everybody together, appear. The 10th, mouse river is foreign 8 child medium old end, body form thin and small, small meritorious service is wonderful, humanness is very avaricious. Be in 8 child when loot official is silver-colored, be betrayed to suffer black clothes killer by the mirror besiege, 8 child in other a few people see situation is bad pull out in succession, only mouse is hated to part with in one’s hand silver, finally is be chopped dead by numerous killer random knife. End cannot call not deplorable. The 9th, scorpion

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Scorpion appearance is insidious, be apt to makes poison, his blurt out is ejective readily old phlegmy it is virulent, let people’s air defense be prevented deeply. Scorpion thinks with beggar chopsticks minatory Zhong Yuan, will exchange those 5 legendary luminous pearl with this, poison goes up to be borne hard sorely because of him body after take chopsticks there the master, be bound by the master, the rabbi that raise scorpion uses chopsticks prelibation, do not think chopsticks the Zhong Yuan that be mixed by prelibation killed a title of respect for a Buddhist or Taoist priest that raise scorpion, the scorpion that puts a conscience only jumps finally cliff with dead offer an apology. The 8th, lei Zi

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Of personate Lei Zi is Zhang Shan, he ever was in ” historical novel of the Three Kingdoms ” in one horn of personate Zhao Yun. The Lei Zi in drama resembles an infamous robber least of all, resemble a lovely inventor instead, perhaps say the rich Lan Kelin that is China. He ever guided Tian Lei to bang Zhong Yuan a face of grey head earth, lei Zi loves to invent not only, still be a round good man, of one mind is loving oneself wife. Lei Ziwu result is general, but his bomb group reduce power too big, put him in this position so. The 7th, ma Feng

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Defend 1000 Ma Feng as bright and beautiful garment, the person that act all the time in drama pulls the part of oily bottle, count Zhong Yuan of second be a burden on. Although Ma Feng is bright and beautiful garment defends 1000, but the Zhuo Yong that defends than be bright and beautiful garment together (namely shadow) He Zhongyuan, his performance is too disappointing. With Jiang Yang 8 child in in front a few than rising, he was to need one cut. Nevertheless the feeling between Ma Feng and hare hare makes fun of, also be the comedic extract with the not much amount to in drama. The 6th, loafer

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Loafer gest is general, but his hand takes a folding fan, tibet has silver-colored injection inside, let people’s air defense be prevented deeply with person fight hand to hand. Ever surrounded with the person such as beggar, knives kill Zhong Yuan, a of scorpion old phlegmy be rebounded by Zhong Yuan loafer glasses, alley of within an inch of is blind his glasses, beggar of if it were not for is seasonable rescue, a few people may not go. The loafer after the injury is good, below specular operation, be frightened dead by a flock of jackstraw actually finally, he also is a sad person. Those who act loafer is the name that connect Yi, he at that time is very young still. The 5th, small knife

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Jiang Yang 8 child medium everybody is become 8 child, what the backside of their everybody has him is helpless with feel sad, only alone small knife is exceptional. Small knife is dye-in-the-wood bad, he is other, it is money only, should give money him only dare do anything, and employ a woman wantonly. Surround with the person such as loafer kill Zhong Yuan to be aed string of 1 hit, him sheet has done not have a few action to Zhong Yuan by cheek of Zhong Yuan cut, zhong Yuan of if it were not for kills him involuntarily, get box meal early. Small knife is final it is to be couldn’t bear the sight of the beggar place that he is is killed. The 4th, beggar

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She is Jiang Yang 8 child in only woman, she one’s previous experience is deplorable ever by person botch, spent oneself face for this herself, it is the aspect that drawing thick cosmetics to use him cover on the face at ordinary times, call beggar so. Beggar is most first with Zhong Yuan contact with, through a few fight hand to hand of He Zhongyuan, she fell in love with this grows so that resemble Wu Song man instead, regrettablly final be with tragic wind up. Beggar although as the woman, but skill does not lose absolutely, in first time 4 people are opposite together Zhan Zhongyuan when, crucial moment or she was hit for everybody covering. Because do not look to cross small knife to insult a female, she killed small knife under one anger. The final result of beggar is more miserable, a crooked neck searched to cultivate commit suicide in big desert. The king essence that serves as the one’s previous experience that make a star acts the role of the beggar that act, I feel OK to regard is drama medium female advocate. The 3rd, mirror

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The Zhou Yu in historical novel of the Three Kingdoms comes personate river is foreign 8 child the old. The mirror is called formerly close amount to, it is big originally inside guard, by bright god ancestor give orders to put to death, be protected by eunuch Feng come down, protect effectiveness for Feng in the dark from now on, jiang Yang 8 child also the command organization that he gives Feng Bao rises this gang. The mirror serves as Jiang Yang 8 child the old, military accomplishment nature is not weak, there is one side looking glass in his hand, meet according to past person far on fire. In drama he wants several times to send Zhong Yuan at the deathtrap, but did not prevail, in be in finally and dying in Zhong Yuan hand in the battle of big desert of Zhong Yuan. The 2nd, shadow

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Shadow is in Jiang Yang 8 child in the identity contrasts mystery all the time, they also had not seen the true face of shadow, know till terminal ability, shadow is bright and beautiful garment defends direct to make Zhuo Yong. After his father is killed, return pared bloodily skin, to find out father’s cause of death, suffering finds personal enemy, join Jiang Yang thereby 8 child, actually the mirror kills his father. The speed of the tornado that do not have a shadow of shadow is splitting, can move in the instant, let adversary have not enough time to react. Sheet mentions the word of military accomplishment, he is over the mirror, regrettablly is, be made plan alley blind by the mirror eye, carried crural muscle, acedia shadow chose to commit suicide finally. Have a place really regrettablly! The first, zhong Yuan

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Ding Haifeng not only what Wu Song acts is good, come besides Zhao Dong outside the director, this part also suits Zhong Yuan very much he will go out act. The Zhong Yuan in teleplay as guard of knife of the belt before drive, humanness is honest and tolerant honest and frank, military accomplishment excel in, although repeatedly classics is frustrate, but just heart does not change. Zhong Yuan’s gest is in drama without doubt, in small knife, loafer, scorpion and beggar besiege below, zhong Yuanjian does not give scabbard to die despotic of a few people dead. Scorpion readily old phlegmy still do not have gush to come out to be hit in abdomen, finally is the poison scorpion rebounds to go up to loafer body more, a few people that see situation is bad run away instantly, otherwise a few people must get box meal. In ovine bone town, 3 people besiege mirror, Lei Zi and beggar Zhong Yuan, still refuse to budge does not fall. The battle in final big desert, zhongyuan and mirror launch the fight of life and death, the mirror wears the lens that protect a heart to use him ” mirror ” the eye that got Zhong Yuan, still took beside Zhong Yuan always could there be. Fall in this kind of circumstance namely, zhong Yuan still hand blade mirror.

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