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Original title: ” orange became red ” beautiful standing grain: Live in old lady shadow, was to give ego alive however actually Teleplay ” orange became red ” final winding-up stage is: When beautiful standing grain is produced, difficult labor massive haemorrhage died, old lady and lord are done afresh young the conjugal love husband and wife when, 2 madams, because of cling to money, lost the child, big Wei cannot excuse her, final she got money, painful however the sweetheart with broke absolutely good and family. Old lady, it is the person that an exclusive dream in this drama comes true, but the woman that she regards old times as, paid painstaking effort and cost, it is place of a lot of people however impracticable. She marries beautiful standing grain, it is to win the heart that returns lord; Of a few years of consistent day take care, management orange garden also is the home that it is a look, for in the final analysis, still be lord; Finally, 2 wives come to come, when browbeating with the sterility photograph of lord, her come out boldly, abandon money, showed consideration for and take care to preserve the face of lord. A such wives that are lord heart and soul, touched playwrite eventually this honour great mind, let what she is born into humanness win the home!

20220219102538 6210c5a214229

2 madams, for the word that takes big Wei, it is good too much, it is the problem that accept or reject actually. Common saying says: Have abandon have surely, fish and bear’s paw cannot hold concurrently! Believe in money, shrink of love certainly will, if want both to center one place to come, above all your mitzvah and character and morals must be first-class of one. But Yu Yangong, she is not such person. Mix mark all the year round at intercourse circumstance, she learned Babbitt and pliable, learned trade — must want to be changed with best youth most the price of be to one’s profit, the what nonsense feeling of other, it is anteprandial sweetmeats nevertheless, had best, did not have also it doesn’t matter is alarming. Money is consummate, whats had not compared monetary force, can say, her oversight the thing with do humanness the most important, that is friendly feelings!

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3 madams beautiful standing grain, it is the part that the act carefully in this drama wants depict, also be a the most miserable. One yearns for new idea, the woman of new world, because want,assume domestic responsibility however, sell oneself into large family other people to make concubine room, from now on she had cannot the responsibility of shirk — unripe male Yo female. Old lady and lord want to borrow her belly, have a child that allows the home. She to love, it is brave, compare honor brightness brave. To lord, she is honest, do not love, also never hypocrisy says to love. Be together with him, it is to fulfil the wish of old lady purely, still drop the loving-kindness of that barren Miao!

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From only then to eventually, she made the vague impression of old lady, think lord most those who care about is old lady, oneself grow so that resemble old lady again, climate favourable geographical position is to hit what calculate firmly firmly, actually, lord also likes her really, but not be to resemble old lady absolutely in that way. Although such, beautiful standing grain also is bestowed favor on without depend on and arrogant, she is in saw well after the feeling of lord and old lady, made a decision decisively: Be delivered of this child that allows the home, she is about to have been to her yearning new life, although boast brightness already was not beside her, still also want to give birth to subsist strongly. Rong Yaohua, as the man, yearn for conquer whole world, even if be a young woman, ke Xiuhe does not say to love him so namely! To honor brightness He Xiuhe, his be perceptive of the slightest, there has been openly engage in a battle a few times in drama — lord wants them two disengage, return to normal relation. Can you be useful?

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The result is he enraged a body, still by fish sterility! This is right he thinks ” oneself are young still ” , the biggest satirize, beautiful standing grain is young still, but he has done not have this ability, give her so called happiness! He asks beautiful He Herong boasts can pitifully only brightness, give him a child, with the circle that god follows the fun that he opens the most pathetically. The love of beautiful standing grain, it is a daughter only the love to father, also be in only between them father of beautiful standing grain on this problem, just having collective topic. Lord to can get the heart of beautiful standing grain, be willing to talk about her father with beautiful standing grain even, will approach with this the heart of beautiful standing grain, also be very low-down!

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Between them, because beautiful standing grain grows so that resemble old lady,also not be absolutely, lord just is looked at with new eyes to her, because beautiful standing grain is from beginning to end,have however not at old lady. Above all the idea that she has herself and soul, dare love to dare be done, can face the love with him bold dripping wet, go boldly going after, although be,carrying lord on the back. In her the plan wants and when honor brightness is good, she has thought a way of escape, it is oneself were pregnant later only.

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The 2nd, she is young, accord with the idea with yearning and young bureaucrat. Do not have the child all the time, two madams fail to be delivered of for him one male half female, very anxious, but comfort oneself in the heart however, it is two madams do not have ability certainly, and this beautiful standing grain, certain and OK. Him crack oneself up is young still, having young breeding ground, certain and OK the hope that breed gives look home. The 3rd, beautiful standing grain did not say to lord he likes him from beginning to end. “Those who cannot get be in forever become restless ” , lord is all along great-hearted and prideful, no matter be on business field,still be affection on field, it is confidence hundredfold, stand by one’s word, without who indocile his, although young when also had accepted new idea, but in in one’s heart, still pursue ” male honour female low ” , old lady is most of the standard. And beautiful standing grain, not bright say ” I do not like you ” , but borrowing,speak out, clever lord is feeling. It is to cannot get more want more method gets.

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Beautiful standing grain likes honor brightness sincerely, lord also knows, this can be the issue that hurts his reputation! Also concern the outer part that contains the home on the other hand. As the person that hold palm job of the home, it is absolutely unallowed, the trade that allows the home at the same time also needs honor brightness to go allied, enlarge dimensions thereby, so honor brightness is in after knowing everything, did cowardly weak. Beautiful standing grain already be clear at the heart, seek to live on only next children, regression is free, but very unfortunate is she can be only in another world freedom went.

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Say true love is inapproachable, can be in reality, true love is not two the individual’s things, however the thing of two families, the square respect range that drag in reachs also is not simple can be handled. Lord also is the person that has new idea new understanding, still also do not fall into enemy hands finally in the custom in old times, because he has self, uphold the dignity of own man, with familial dignity, must sacrifice the love of honor brightness. Not be not to love, what have 1000 kinds of all the different kind however is have to. The woman of old times is living this already very hard, of a variety of custom manacle, plus the suppress of husband key link, encountering true love also is very not easy, can want to love only, mean be harmed easily, beautiful standing grain so, rong Yaohua also is. Dan Xiuhe is in water of this time of muddy, it is from beginning to end ” piece silty and do not catch ” person, gave true ego alive, going up somehow, also be a person that win!

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