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Original title: Young Pan Yueming also is so absolutely affection is planted, because of hold read aloud return v&n bastinado an affectionate couple? Today’s share come from spend the New Year discovery that is in the home. Wave the textbook when arranging next middle schools, a lot of popular at that time stage photo paster was stuck above discovery. Like those who see play to wave at that time, did not think of to this profession is made really after be brought up, let person deep feeling indeed. Waving title page sticks, it is CCTV edition ” white snake is passed ” . Do not see Liu Tao nowadays because of figure solidify, and acting problem initiated a lot of debates, but in those days Bai Suzhen figure indeed Jing admired to wave for a long time. Although have ” legend of new white a polite form of address for a young woman ” with the film ” black serpent ” bead jade is advanced, dan Liutao edition ” white snake is passed ” also be generation person childhood to remember component. And successful, very big one part reason is to come from at innovating and strong play. Right without order pattern the reproduction of conventional narrative, however more the love that is emphasized at showing Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian, and to terrestrial the real situation show. Say like netizen place, only the Xu Xiancai of this one version lets me feel white of a form of address for one’s wife paying is worthiness. Love is in terrestrial music: Man Wenjun – love regards China as one of fokelore of love of 4 big folk in the world, match than Yu Tianxian, Meng Jiang daughter, Liang Zhu, it is exclusive that white snake is passed a story that relates person bewitching to be in love. Person, natural and OK because of all sorts of reason become enamoured. But bewitching, bewitching of a snake, of one mind thinks the chiliad snake evil of celestial being. And do not say not to know love, it is understand, how wish to abandon travel of this chiliad path for a man? Accordingly, ” legend of new white a polite form of address for a young woman ” added ” pay a debt of gratitude ” this one clue, for this paragraph of bewitching Fan Lian finds a reasonable motive. Pay a debt of gratitude, can let us understand admittedly why Bai Suzhen just encounters Xu Xian first, can be in later do temple of grass of celestial being of medical hall, pilfer, Shui Manjin hill, body to enter Lei Feng tower for its… but the affection tendency of this kind of one-sided, a, hard to avoid makes this love impure trifling manipulative, not quite dinkum. Second, bai Suzhen’s figure is modelled too faultlessly, what also brought about the figure that make celestial being is feeble. He is in ” legend of new white a polite form of address for a young woman ” in more the person that resemble a passivity. Be paid a debt of gratitude, be loved each other, by bring back to life, the celestial being that be become… accordingly we remember Xu Xian nowadays, impression has bookishness only mostly, can saying even is cowardly. But CCTV edition ” white snake is passed ” , gave this paragraph of love another kind of possibility — let Xu Xian fall in love with Bai Suzhen. Bewitching does not know feeling, the person can be gone to for affection however and deep. Accordingly, ” white snake is passed ” those who tell is a chiliad snake evil that thinks celestial being actually, because of the pursuit of a man, one step by step affection of lay a finger on, understanding affection, tired the process at affection. This alters, yield this love, namely sturdy, chilly is beautiful. ” white snake is passed ” altogether has 30 market, but till 18 collect, xu Xian and white Su Zhencai held wedding. In front the gut of the half, make the celestial being love to Bai Suzhen it is thus clear that everywhere. In this one edition, of Xu Xian and white element chastity encounter first be not be in the bridge, however a celestial being, demon, person is mixed of house ” half pace is much ” in clever bound hotel. Encounter first, chastity of element of the dialogue that make celestial being falls in love at first sight, began to be gone after in vain continuously. Hear Bai Suzhen had not seen tiny spot, take her to go bulrush swings, run all over the face cut, see firebug to let her only. Even if know she is anguine bewitching, also be willing sacrifice oneself photograph is saved. But right now Bai Suzhen, it is a chiliad snake evil spirit that means celestial being only however, she does not know love, however as before by this foolish the sincere place of boy moves. Be willing to use the elixir of life that avalokitesvara place gives, change on the boat that tell a group two positions to send Xu Xian to return the world. Doing not have those who think of is, in the boat that tell a group the course is indifferent mallet blast when, xu Xian is cheated to turn round by the Bai Suzhen that law sea becomes, mallet be indifferented was bungled to forget ” half pace is much ” everything. Also forgot the Bai Suzhen of chiliad snake bewitching that oneself like. But this can see Xu Xian’s sincerity. After returning the world, xu Xian is in again the bridge and Bai Suzhen encounter. Although make celestial being had forgotten leading edge, but he again dialogue element chastity falls in love at first sight. Profession quickly after meeting the 2nd times to Bai Suzhen. Be in even later to prove love, be willing to jump jump down cliff trying affection. Can say, the Xu Xian of early days, resembling is a spoony fool, of a straight ball profession machine, one sees the program starter that Bai Suzhen falls in love with. But the affection chroma that also is willing to be gone to dead for its so only presumably, ability melts the heart of the anguine bewitching of a chiliad that repair refine. Profession uninterruptedly in Xu Xian just about true feelings, and after be being paid sturdily, bai Suzhen also is moved for affection eventually, the decision abandoned becoming celestial being great cause, choice and Xu Xian stay in the world. He is a poor student only, courage is very small, most be afraid of a knife ah sword ah. Nevertheless, his mind is good, very kind-hearted, can replace others consider very much, speak of a word, glibly love. He still tells me, if can arrive one day by the side of this west lake, sit on cockboat of skin of a melon, burn one crock little alcoholic drink, do cole of a few appearance, look at the star that be all over the sky, he ah, do me to look, have tiny spot really so, say with him exactly like, he did not cheat me. In this love, xu Xian, it is the deep feeling of constant. And Bai Suzhen, it is from at the beginning muddled, to exercise restraint, arrive again kink, indulge finally among them. Be willing to abandon life for Bai Suzhen because of Xu Xian, white Su Zhencai is willing to make celestial being abandon celestial being great cause. Compare at paying a debt of gratitude genesis, this kind of love that two sincerity walk into gradually develops, dinkummer, also more let us believe. And if say begin adapt, it is to make Xu Bai’s love dinkummer, sturdier. So of ending adapt, yield this love, more chilly is beautiful, also more ileum swinging gas. ” white snake is passed ” ending does not have reincarnation of Wen Quxing reincarnation, without Xu Shilin Number One Scholar saves a parent, also did not make Bai Fasan’s person become celestial being. This one ending is not happy, can saying even is a tragedy. But this kind of tragedy is not acedia, because make the love of celestial being and white element chastity,be satisfactory. Arrived later period, law sea because hold read aloud to had become monster, avalokitesvara lets of short duration of white element chastity avoid Nanhai, but for Xu Xian, she walks into thunder peak tower of one’s own accord. fair, your stand firm some, do not weep. Law sea thinks he won, without, those who win is us. Our some, his this all one’s life cannot understand. I think celestial being, did a person however. He thinks Buddha, became monster however. We are in half pace is much the first time meet, I am anguine bewitching, you are a student. You saved me one life, I return your lifetime. And Xu Xian, criterion for Bai Suzhen, freewill tonsure is wife sweep a tower. Arrive at Lei Feng in Xu Xian when the tower, call a form of address for one’s wife in the tower, at this moment umbrella of a paper, the paper umbrella when be being encountered at the beginning of a 2 people, wave to go up to Xu Xian head. Two people are lying between photograph of thunder peak tower to be accompanied so old. In the last camera lens, xu Xian already anility, but Bai Suzhen or that is being maintained to defeat the paper umbrella that gets a remnant skeleton for him inside the tower. Umbrella of a paper, from 2 people photograph companion is encountered to arrive first old, became the proof of two individual lifetime loving each other, also be pair of raising of things to a higher level that make white love. “If the day does not have rain, the umbrella is not had on the ground. ” the decides affection matter that the umbrella became two people, and this affection, also became eternity in the west lake. So the existence of thunder peak tower, can prove the ignorance of law sea and absurdity only. He probably can the marriage that block breaks Xu Bai, break off the come-and-go of 2 people, but however block the way not of this two individual hearts return place. It is to pursue outside the tower ” one’s whole life is only right a form of address for one’s wife is good ” Xu Xian, it is inside the tower ” for company appearance is public often look at fair dead ” Bai Suzhen. Make celestial being and Bai Suzhen, had not needed to rely on to stay together the heart that lingering will come to prove them. Their heart, early spanned time, space, accompany together forever. Hold the post of again tall thunder peak tower, also cannot suppress this world the real situation. Also have such love only, just be worth to be worn in inheritance of all ages of west lake chiliad. The essence of life of gut is wonderful, come from the contribution of playwrite. Very few somebody knows, ” white snake is passed ” playwrite is not industry big Ga, however the schoolgirl of two strong finish school. Novice screenwriter, can make a play a little jerky admittedly, but also can make to drama at the same time bring a fresh air. Must say, ” white snake is passed ” the likelihood is to wave in the play of love of ancient costume myth that has seen, gas of actor’s lines article is the heaviest, one the most moving also. Make the actor’s lines of celestial being among them, lie between when old, ever still mounted hot search for many times. Be dialogue element chastity no matter profession for many times, still prove oneself heart is belonged to somewhat, already true deep feeling is not shown again fat, the sincerity that showed pair of love faultlessly and sturdy. Xu Xian: “Be afraid this is ill… be rise because of the girl. ” Bai Suzhen: “Bullshit, we just saw 3 times two nevertheless, how with respect to because of me disease. ” Xu Xian: “3 two not much really, perhaps the girl does not feel what. But life does not pass 70, besides 10 years of muddled, 10 years of the old and weak, remained only 50. This 50 nights that want eliminate in part again, stay only 25. Want to have a meal again drink tea, bath change clothes, charge for the making of sth. falls ill, run around here and there, how many time to expend again? Stay truly the day that can be together with beloved person, clutch points to calculate, have pity on less actually. I do not want to let a girl feel I am a fair-spoken loafer that ascend apprentice, I just want to tell a girl, if if my this all one’s life has opportunity and girl 3 times two only,can meeting unexpectedly, before two times I had been wasted, remnant this, I cannot be let off. Bai Suzhen: You want what to say after all. Xu Xian: What I should say is, when hitting me the first times to see a girl, like you. This paragraph of word, 2 people return out after the world, xu Xian sees Bai Suzhen the 2nd times. If say Xu Xian’s uninterrupted straight ball output lets a person feel too actuation, so the actor’s lines of these civil gas deep feeling, make this kind straight become true and authentic in vain. And another paragraph, divinatory symbols mother-in-law is exploring when chastity of element of the dialogue that make celestial being has how many the real situation after all, make the reply of celestial being, calm already however sturdy, already guileless affectionate. Divinatory symbols mother-in-law: Alas, common saying says well, hundred years repair so that cross with the boat, chiliad is repaired in all pillow Mian. Foolish boy, think with the family double Su Shuang ceases, which have so simple? Millenarian, calculate her to be defeated to rise, are you defeated to rise again? Xu Xian: Doesn’t a respectful form of address for an old person believe my heart? Divinatory symbols mother-in-law: Not be I look down upon you, foolish boy, heart all along of the man is pendulous. You put the heart on her body now, passed tonight, still do not know to over there whose there will be tomorrow? Xu Xian: The mother-in-law says to get good without reason. People says you can foresee, I see not likely. My heart has me to know to be put in where only, it is put over all the time, never had shaken. Divinatory symbols mother-in-law: There is her only in the heart now, day after is come up against more beautiful than her better, one cannot say for sure you won’t your mind disturbed. Xu Xian: Even if come up against other more beautiful better woman, natural also meeting has other more beautiful better man goes matching her. Involve my why issue? Hold the post of its losing water 3000, I take drink of one gourd ladle only. My heart nature is in that one place only. Among them this ” even if come up against other more beautiful better woman, natural also meeting has other more beautiful better man goes matching her ” , have quite ” Bai Maxiao west wind ” in ” that is very good and very good, but I slant,do not like ” obdurate flavour. If say the romance of actor’s lines, it is pair of apply colours to a drawing that make white love. So a few write a play are new affiliation the plot of a play, criterion its showed its to be opposite with unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, person and bewitching contrary discuss. Take half pace much period, bai Suzhen and small blueness discover 3 years of drop rain of local did not fall, to help a person, pilfer gets the Dragon King rain of your card travel. 79, 3 people discover law sea, Xu Xian high in the clouds has bewitching to enrage, 3 people 3 kinds of manners, accord with character nature already, the Wen Mai after also be plays a hint foreshadowing later developments in a story. 79 as knife guest, the trick that because this has not felt,is magician of all corners of the country just. And rainfall is opposite Fahaibusai the benefit of common people, see evil spirit diffuses only, feel to monster should get rid of. His even if knows the language after this is mixed Bai Suzhen is good bewitching, also should get rid of final hold study too dark infatuated come down in one continuous line. And Xu Xian says however, be in charge of person or event associated with evil or misfortune of his Taoism priest, anyhow, common people can be saved. He discovers the article after this also is Bai Suzhen is anguine bewitching hind, like her to bury next foreshadowing as before. Such little detail in drama can be found everywhere. Again carp essence is for instance red aunt. It is bewitching likewise, it is with the person have a youthful look loving each other leaves the child likewise. She is another kind of ending of Bai Suzhen actually. Law sea is determined to want to receive the child of red aunt, think the child of bewitching also is bewitching, also want to close. But do not think, the child of carp essence is a person not be bewitching, so that do not divide person bewitching, not the law sea of differentiate good and evil was received by the day weather eye. And after coming to the world with the husband when carp essence, by everybody revile good beat. Marital Yu Qilang cannot bear the child to see the woman kisses half person the miserable situation of half demon, the sea that seek a way received his a form of address for one’s wife. This also let Bai Suzhen begin the fear that to oneself the identity reveals. But later Bai Suzhen exposes true body, after Xu Xian knows she is bewitching, still be willing to beg charcoal of a hunderd schools for her genuflect. Comparative Yu Qilang, more show Xu Xianzhen affection is commendable. And how should be bewitching of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, person distinguished, playwrite told us the answer at the beginning actually. Encounter at the beginning of Xubai ” half pace is much ” , celestial being, demon, person is mixed house, showing celestial being, demon, person namely between 3 bounds actually a gleam of of mere be apart. If say with unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease the borderline that is demon and celestial being, so affection, differentiate namely the bounds of person and bewitching. Because this is final, because of,law sea just is met hold miss evil spirit, bai Suzhen also grows up because of knowing feeling. If say Xu Bai love is framework, the argue of the person evil spirit that place of character of so deputy line shows, of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease saying is ” white snake is passed ” flesh and blood. Framework had, flesh and blood had, and the soul, also the theme with respect to this drama, it is ” affection ” word. But this ” affection ” the love that also is not Xu Bai only only. Of one mind of inchoate white element chastity becomes celestial being, bodhisattva lets her collect 8 tear to the world. It is respectively ” birth, love hate is parting ” . But at the beginning the meaning that this 2 people do not know tear. So one collect small blueness spends money to buy tear. Those are factitious can get money, just do wail to squeeze a tear. Although poured out of very much tear, but because those tear feel without fact of the real situation, it is water only just. And say to go up truly of the tear, should be crystallization of affective of a kind of world. So, every tear that appears from the back is genetic, it is the story of a paragraph of full of the real situation. “Unripe ” tear, out in the mother saw with one’s own eyes that a be difficult to do is delivered of the child finally again however. “Old ” tear, come from with father 79 just admit, in the Forsythia suspensa eye that parts once more again however. “Ill ” tear, out becomes disease to lovesickness, in the lover key point that becomes spouses eventually. “Dead ” tear, out sees Xu Xian jumps for Bai Suzhen after cliff and in the eye of divinatory symbols mother-in-law that hurts feeling. “Hate ” tear, in the Yu Qilang eye that comes from genuflect to begged law sea to stop red husband’s mother of him a form of address for one’s wife. “Fasten ” tear, in 10 days of the woman with out gone longing’s close looks. “From ” tear, out affects plague, in the key point making celestial being that half pace misses to be experienced more before fainting. And Bai Suzhen, in the process that also collecting tear, feel terrestrial joyance and sadness step by step. Accordingly, last tear, “Love ” tear, it is him Bai Suzhen that out walks into thunder peak tower of one’s own accord. After experiencing terrestrial every phenomenon, bai Suzhen became a person finally, one wants the woman that loves each other with Xu Xian. So, say to collect with its, be inferior to saying avalokitesvara is the feeling that lets Bai Suzhen descend to the world experience the mankind, sample terrestrial suffering is hot miserable. Taste these 8 words one by one only, just be whole life. And the collection of these tear, also let ” affection ” the word is perforative complete theatrical work. No matter gain and loss, of one mind is the small blueness of elder sister, guard the affection of the sister beside white snake all the time; The fault identifies Xu Xian into the Forsythia suspensa that loses heart Chinese, fall in love with the affection of Xu Xian’s carry a torch once more after be informed the truth again; Once cast wife abandon child 79 what aspire divides bewitching, the affection of the father daughter that departs again with meet again of daughter Forsythia suspensa; And small blueness is like with 10 days the parent that if not have,has child affection, the love with small first awakening of love to the bark of eucommia blueness, 10 days join the friendship of essence of life with Lilliputian, big mustache is right brotherly affection of Xu Xian, the close affection of Xu Xian and elder sister… and even if most obstinately stick to a wrong course, infatuated law sea, also have the division apprentice feeling with 10 days. So if say ” legend of new white a polite form of address for a young woman ” it is the folklore that tells about one individual bewitching to be in love, so ” white snake is passed ” it is to be in in telling about the process that white snake is collecting tear, the world of testimony all sorts of the real situation. Become thereby more like the person. It tells, it is the world has feeling. And the drama of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct nowadays, the theme is likewise it seems that ” affection ” . And can need look back to allow this condition, playwrite let time span even 3 unripe sansei, wear the identity of the hero to gentleman of female celestial being of the Supreme Being. Indeed, such set, such blast battle, more let a person feel to swing gas ileum, soul-stirring. But review once more when us ” white snake is passed ” , hear that ” to the side of this west lake, sit on cockboat of skin of a melon, burn one crock little alcoholic drink, do cole of a few appearance, look at the star that be all over the sky ” , experience the place that make celestial being to depict most the love of guileless. won’t more touch? What is affection, be said like Xu Xian namely: I think, affection is the water of the west lake. The water of the west lake, static when very beautiful, beautiful virtuous kind and gentle. When storm is undulatory beautiful also, beautiful unruly or unrestrained. When raining, rainwater and lake water are together repeatedly, more beautiful, the United States arrives dribs and drabs! Its not likely is deep, also do not have so great. It is the feeling that attributes a person however. This kind of the real situation, still have beside us probably, but in the homebred drama nowadays, had seen rarely however. It gradually not by have a good opinion of. Once the bewitching every in homebred drama is loved, those who let us see evil spirit is helpless, the person’s volition. Have in art law, affection is not had however in banning, sip feels a hate and desire 6 desire, 5 kinds of worlds. And the homebred drama nowadays, appear however everybody is a god. But the platoon is in front, it is the person is set however, feeling of position, bright, “Affection ” word, instead in a way of in the future. Right also, should have no longer ” person ” , does Huang discuss terrestrial situation?

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