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Original title: ” germinant ” I am not done you are so kind-hearted, am I evil? 01

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” germinant ” , drama of loop of time of domestic head department. Time loop drama is to show the character enters to not compare the time closed circuit like Wu Sihuan, play a way through revising regulation or change, try to change the history with behavior or change catastrophic outcome. Wear Shaoxing opera than what be familiar with at us, time loop drama often setting is onefold, the space of play is less, general advocate hit science fiction suspense to burn a brain. Time loop drama has appeared in abroad a lot of, for instance I like very much ” Luo La tantivy ” , but still try first in home, plus noonday sunshine add hold, ” germinant ” broadcast, become year the first explode drama, discharge and public praise fly together. ” germinant ” affection of hero Xiao Heyun, Li Shi, let a person can’t help thinking of Liu Yu Xi ” one crane discharges clear sky on the cloud, bring poetics to green jade clouds ” . So the name backside of poetics picture meaning, bind the crisis free and easy that those who decide is gut actually and soul-stirring. Undoubted, ” germinant ” it is characteristic of a China is bright ” flow indefinitely ” subject matter drama. 02

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It is the explosive crisis that resolves vehicle likewise, circular drama of abroad happens on plane, You Lun, train mostly, and germinant story happening is on a bus. In home, the bus is the commonnest a travel means of the most unripe activation. In the meantime, the logic that this also assured a story from be in harmony. Exploit the loophole of public transportation and disturbed check just about, average talented person gets on dynamite belt likely public transportation. If same story is put in the subway or on the train, won’t hold water. The characteristic of public transportation loop decided ” germinant ” the high-quality goods course that can go small and beautiful only. 45 public transportation, on the car 8 passengers, to prevent public transportation explosion, that with respect to trial and error. The equestrian country of textile bag of the Lu Di that carries satchel on the back, Jiao Xiangrong that brings boot, back is strong, ever became distrustful target. Midday manufactures, belong to high-quality goods surely, this is not exceptional also. Gut just began two seconds public transportation exploded, before light 2 collect exploded 10 times. My frequency below, complete theatrical work exploded 25 times in all. At ordinary times I see drama use 1.5 times commonly, even double fast. But this drama gut is compact, the conscience that make, hold to fast rhythm, gut reduces 15 volume. Rhythm sure, not laggard, whole journey does not have uric dot. Logic still calculates careful, major actor acting is online also. 03

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Of characteristic of this drama China another is reflected is affection. Be the same as type theatrical work than abroad, ” germinant ” science fiction suspense burns cerebral content to show inadequacy slightly. Fortunately gut does not have single trial and error of Yu Jian of go no further, however impression of sex of light suspense everybody. Comparing what suspense is worth to look more is each fresh character. Xiaogong is handed in, macrocosm. Spread out in time loop worldly 100 condition. This drama attention to popular feeling and pare to human reel off raw silk from cocoons of chrysalis discussing is a success. Critical hour, be to choose to save oneself or help a person? It is to holding the lucky live on a degradation that must come by good luck in the arms to take refugee, assume the responsibility that have this accident and comes bravely still? In drama, two hero straight aspects are critical, go all out do one’s best person of protective whole vehicle. But they also are to having simple affective Everyman. Come when danger, the hero also has sink morality face difficult choice sway, also can shrink back instinctively timid. “I am not done you are so kind-hearted, am I evil? ” ” goodness is not cheap goodness, it should match with ability photograph, increase chaos namely otherwise. ” two actor’s lines of Xiao Heyun are thought-provoking. Without whose blame black namely white, blame is evil namely be apt to, of human nature complex depend on this. In drama, ma Guojiang makes mistake, having the past that cannot see light, but the heart still has a place dinkum goodness. Tao Yinggong loses a daughter to make popular feeling painful, but revengeful society is incorrect for certain. The rock-bottom figure that this drama adopts 45 buses focusing group resemble also making moving heart all the more. Carrying from a great distance of one gunny-bag watermelon on the back to visit the son’s Ma Guojiang, set his mind at to read to let a daughter oneself are outer rush about working uncle, often take sb in roams about the teenager of 2 dimension warm blood that the cat expects to save the world, not hesitate for the daughter even scamper drops public transportation murderer husband and wife, they are ordinary and insignificant Everyman, it is a flock of people with the poorest society even. All living creatures is all bitter, break down breathed, everybody has his trouble, the life of everybody is not easy. The marketplace character of these rock-bottom societies, although body part is gloomy in, still retaining a goodness that belongs to oneself, in crisis juncture, not stint shares tiny ray to other. Come when danger, everybody or meeting extend aid. Be whole vehicle person make concerted effort, be the human brightness that flares severally, just prevented public transportation explosion, helped another person, also saved oneself.

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Although the defects cannot obscure the virtues, but undeniable this drama or a little small flaw. For instance, xiao Heyun’s frailer and frailer reason does not have an explanation. Since advocate hit a circulation, so occurrence loop, the reason at least that enters a loop should be explained. Before one minute when I end in gut still is expecting to explain, even if be a vague open formula,explain, it may not be a bad idea passes to be not carried completely.

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