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Original title: 2 years old of parents are raised by aunt from different big, ever was weighed ” the clearest pure Xi Shi ” , can make sauce only nowadays Mention pacify of a surname of the most beautiful Xi Shi, a lot of people are not familiar perhaps. 2012, the ancient costume big play that acts the leading role by pacify of a surname pacify ” Xi Shi secret history ” once broadcast, the heat that caused numerous netizen is discussed. Ancient time we hear of the story of 4 great beauties constantly, there is different belle figure in the heart of everybody. Become so ” Xi Shi secret history ” film when, people can look for what kind of person to come with respect to curious play staff personate Xi Shi, it is very tall that because the pacify of pacify of a surname of the person that act of this Xi Shi is in,the attention at that time is spent. Result, one of Xi Shi answers eye, jing admired the days of how many person.

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Appearance of pacify of a surname pacify has distinguishing feature very much, big eye is very beautiful, nose is beautiful Gao Ting, little square face. Facial features is compact do not give a person oppressive sense however, whole gains passerby edge easily with the impressions of tender Qing Chun. Pacify of a surname pacify is raised by aunt and uncle as a child big, the parents that awaits her constantly in pacify pacify is two a surname years old leaves other, accordingly, to pacify of a surname pacify, aunt uncle sense is extraordinary, the aunt that to oneself in her heart care takes care of and uncle resemble the existence like parents, and her aunt uncle also is not average person. ” secret history of filial piety bank ” make a person unforgettable besides halcyon the dare love to dare be hated big jade that act the aunt that the person that have the personate of understanding sagacious sagacious empress more is Wu Jing pacify. Although years already passed now, still beautiful lasting appeal is very. Uncle is guidance films ” urgent take off ” celebrated director You Xiaogang.

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Grow in the family that pacify pacify is in a surname to be full of art so as a child, the influence that together with is worked by aunt uncle oneself. The play in choosing when the university entrance exam of pacify of a surname pacify so and boreal report artistic school that learns a performance technically enters oneself for an examination, but of university of medium of China of preference of uncle You Xiaogang south wide institute, think over there devious environment can let a person come down surely more the heart will admit learn really, finally, in uncle pacify of pacify of a surname below You Xiaogang’s proposal began professional performance study. After graduation, pacify of a surname pacify also took a few sport, perhaps be to just gave campus, so acting still shows blueness slightly acerbity. Xi Shi play staff leaves before patting, ran one field choosing show, she shows itself from on 10 thousand people. Hinder at ” Xi Shi secret history ” the director is You Xiaogang, so pacify of pacify of a surname of most person suspicion is belt endowment enter group, she does not have a law to make a response for a short while.

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However, after drama is sowed, she is judged to be by everybody ” most Qing Chun’s Xi Shi ” , cast go Yan Zhi does not say, the temperament of peaceful of her quietly elegant, full girl move seems even if come from ancient time, she is opposite together with in drama ” Xi Shi ” character nature the understanding of each respect is lucid, the administrative levels that performs the change of character affection, heart feels dye-in-the-wood. Pacify of a surname pacify proved him hard with oneself is not to rely on a relation to enter group, however true body conceives actual strength. After this, pacify of a surname pacify returns what by right of Xi Shi this one part has the honor to win section of cross-strait TV art to choose ” fine actor award ” and in Asian God grand ceremony ” new face award ” . These two award, will tell to new student actor can saying is greatest encouragement, from this pacify of a surname pacify also calculates what walk into his formally to act art road. Here, if you still do not know, that must be carried broke up 2019 those who pat is new ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” this teleplay. Ji Xiaofu and poplar Xiao is this drama absolutely the oldest idea is made the same score hard. It is most person is going straight towards Lin Yu originally explain of personate poplar Xiao goes seeking theatrical work, finally, the Ji Xiaofu that is performed by pacify of a surname pacify is confused.

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The Ji Xiaofu of this version gives prize simply, temperament of figure full marks gives this world, pair of sweethearts of the Fu of performance record dawn of lifelike of a surname Jing Jing are affectionate, to common people bias castiron.

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Labial red tine is white, beautiful bright ages, wen Wan but person, natural and graceful, answer eye to laugh, 100 fawn on are fascicular, these vocabularies that describe ancient costume beautiful woman are used on her body to was divided nevertheless. This thinking that she can lend machine conflagration, regrettablly drama is sowed, heat also went accordingly. Tell the truth, pacify of a surname pacify does not calculate fire, but she bestows favor on pink very much, hair small gain often replies the comment of vermicelli made from bean starch. Also can send an article to thank vermicelli made from bean starch to support his from time to time. Telling even the staff member groove to film hot, bitter, mosquito is much, the environment is poor, but what had not she blamed, hanging condole bottle to taking the sport of big night, actor’s lines is written down adroitly, she is really put all idea in act in a play on. Perhaps be too had deep love for this industry, even if has again much bad mood she just also sighs with emotion ” painstaking, but I am favorite ” . She still has herself the idea to the picture, feel ” pat jump floor show share when blow without fan not only beautiful ” , pacify of a surname pacify says ” taking a good fun is life most of incisively and vividly enjoy ” .

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The affection of pacify of pacify of respecting a surname is experienced or hold out those who make broad netizen anxious, the pacify of a surname pacify that is born 91 years also runs quickly soon 3, do not have a bit activity however, red is heard cannot see almost. Nevertheless, this kind of thing still lets him party cheer! Go out 10 years, no matter leading role costar, appear pacify of a surname pacify also had performed theatrical work of two movie and TV, result often drama a favourite by sb in power is not red, still fail well known.

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What pacify of a surname pacify goes is the way of a normal and insipid actor. Need not what is red the standard that serves as a success, do not acclaim not rich discharge. However more try all sorts of parts hard in part itself hard. Likelihood this road is more doleful, rougher, but really the way of an OK and very good development. It won’t be restricted because of the age and what, block decides the way that serves as an actor in the future. Because be in the actor after the dominant position that loses a few respects,meet only, with on the other hand the advantage is shown again, for instance young and beautiful lost along with time gradually, but the promotion of acting respect, may give an actor other part side bring new development!

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Recently, the net explodes pacify of a surname pacify and Zhao Ying child, the person couplet such as Cheng Yi, Han Dong sleeves an ancient costume theatrical work that perform ” Chang’an Nuo ” be about to go up the line broadcasts.

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Pacify of a surname pacify is in drama personate congratulate Lan Yunqi, the queen that fills greatly, the elder sister of female Zhu Mingyu, when announcing stage photo this drama with respect to heat ceaseless, the ginseng that together with surmounts a little sister acts make this drama was not sowed first fire, the play staff of the cloud is like in this belle, do not know pacify of a surname pacify is behaved how, let person state of mind expect. Pacify of pacify of open-armed hope a surname can carry new theatrical work, encounter a good Bai Le, true in recreation circle conflagration rises.

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