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Original title: Are 44 years old of Mei Ting gone against grow? Tall horsetail matchs shirt skirt to be like student younger sister, the Lisaisai that be the same as casing more decrease age Mei Ting is the actress of 70 actual strength clique after, 2003, by right of domestic ethics drama ” let love to come again ” obtain TV of the 21st China audience of Jin Ying award most the actress award that love. Acted the leading role 2014 domestic feeling drama ” parental love ” obtained thirtieth by right of this drama award of Chinese teleplay flying Apsaras is outstanding actress award, and committee of job of Chinese teleplay director is optimal heroine, although this one drama was to arrive to still can be in each defending to inspect rebroadcast now, also be a very classical teleplay.

20220219102732 6210c6148fb5f

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Mei Ting’s acting can say was get an audience people approbate, but of Mei Ting of 44 years old maintain ability also is very strong, authority got like approbate. When she entered a program recently, dress is very pure and fresh, plunge into a horsetail plait to come, resemble student younger sister same, youth is decreased age. Skin condition is first-rate, the girl that takes off alive is same.

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Mei Ting wore the shirt skirt of a shallow blue that day, the design of shirt skirt is very special also, lap used irregular design, the half grows half weak point, the design half that the half is plait skirt is the design of level off, chatelaine of a white matchs between the waist, match colors also is very small pure and fresh. The design of shirt of upper part of the body, small turndown the neck that showed fine to grow, line very show thin.

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The short skirt that such asymmetry design, already vogue can decorate faulty figure again, issue a pair of legs of Mei Ting completely, although do not calculate particularly fine and slender, but same very fruity and well-balanced, match on a pair of small white shoes, more green and inapproachable. The hair plunges into a tall horsetail, wore a few small broken hair, got-up face, the skin sends Bai Xi closely, it is to go against completely age growth condition.

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The compere that Mei Ting entered a program that day is Lisaisai, her what wear skirt of formal attire of a suit big red, the skirt of cultivate one’s morality holds the good figure that highlighted her, a suit modelling looks very dignified and elegant, directly pitch-black bright beautiful long hair wraps around in back, it is tender very it seems that, with Mei Ting the station is together, two beauty are neck and neck, just of beautiful that day graceful dress up, look more green decrease age.

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