Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: In drama of movie and TV, those are compared male advocate more those who give prize is male 2, which do you like? Present teleplay, have a common saying between the audience, cry: “Male one is to give female advocate of love, male 2 are to give what all audiences love ” . Do not know from when to begin, the audience sees be bored with in teleplay male a machine-made character set, instead is those or tenderness warmth, or the abdomen is black decisive male 2, the heart that became an audience is good.

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” snowflake goddess dragon ” Ou Yangming day personate of You Qiaozhen eaves, does he have much fire? Do not say other, be known as ” skyline 4 beauty ” one of, be sure with respect to enough he confuses the position in the heart in drama. Europe in relief tomorrow just was born to get cartilage rare disease, was given to throw by his dad, his mother sends him toward border area cure. Become new generation highly skilled doctor finally, person of all corners of the country ” Sai Huatuo ” .

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” beautiful flying thanking a flower is all over the sky ” medium flower is not had wither, by Zhu Yilong personate. In drama hero is He Rundong, do not cross Zhu Yilong male the part of 2 lets a person prefer however, zhu Yilong originally Yan Zhi is very tall, the model in drama is handsome also, so even if is most male 2 also more let an audience like.

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” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” middle forest is smooth by Chen Xiao personate, be tireless in teaching of Yuzheng all along, of Dan Chenxiao’s Lin Ping is an accident! He is delicate Jun Lang, murderous look is dye-in-the-wood; Wear purple embroider robe after palace, makeup look person or event associated with evil or misfortune. And extremely rich erupt the actor’s lines of force ” I want you and me same may you be the last of your line ” , dye-in-the-wood shock arrived the heart of the audience.

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” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” jade of the embellish below nocturnal shrine. At the beginning the modest self-disciplined gentleman of embellish jade or Wen Runru jade, stand aloof from the worldly affairs is spoony and concentrated. Embellish jade this lifetime, love and do not get, all ages is lonely, pitiful deplorable, who does not love such person.

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