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Original title: War is urgent, army of 16 years old of sign: To me two are connected, do not retreat enemy, kill my head! 38 years old give major general 2007, by Feng Xiaogang hold guide, zhang Han grants, Deng Chao, Wang Baojiang acts the leading role ” build up date ” show, although this film invests only 80 million RMB, but however behead won 210 million booking office, it may be said is obtained greatly get the better of completely.

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What the film tells is the Huai-Hai Campaign when, zhang Han grants of personate. 9 agree even ground of company commander millet and colonel, build up a backtrack, if was not heard,build up date, position of defend to the last, die otherwise battle after all, result war ends, friendly neighbor army pulls out entirely, and Zhang Han grants connect, all die in the last ditch, with respect to remnant he one person. Zhang Han grants to suspect is him oversight ” build up date ” , just bring about a comrade-in-arms all die in the last ditch, and Zhang Han grants, also because cannot indicate the capacity, captive of enemy be regardinged as, 47 his brother, the person that be regarded as to be missing. To find the merit, old hind, zhang Han grants to had become the battleground of the colliery again, zhang Han grants to dig coal hill wildly, find the skeleton of 47 brother eventually, with oneself brother, be awarded the combat hero’s honor together.

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The trumpet call in drama gives a person a kind of solemn and stirring sense, in the meantime, also let a person be full of curiosity to the true bugler in the war, in warlike years, where is the great soldier that has bugler one’s previous experience? Still have really, should tell today this is. 1933, before Xuxiang commander in chief is mixed politics appoint of Chen Changhao guide below, red Army of plain short for Shaanxi Province smashs enemy 3 encircle and suppress, obtain appearance south, battalion canal, announce amounts to aggression battle 3 times, not only such, still success and plain the guerrilla warfare east army close arms, army enlarges 5 army 70 thousand person.

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The strength of the Red Army, letting Jiang Jieshi is disturbed very, of the same age October, jiang interpose Shi Bo pays a large number of military expenditure and weaponry, appoint beat Liu Wenhui, “Unify Sichuan ” Liu Xiang is warlord suppress bandits commander-in-chief, undertake encircle and suppress again to Red Army of plain short for Shaanxi Province, because Liu Hunan arms divides 6, this encircle and suppress cries again ” 6 are besieged ” . The 6 road plain that attend encircle and suppress army, total number is as high as 200 thousand, equip not only excellent, still 18 planes cooperate, the force with which sth breaks out of it may be said is roaring, millet adds the Red Army man of musket, in warlike initial stage, was hit unaware. Want the story that tell today, it is to happen in ” 6 are besieged ” when, leading role is called Xiao Yongyin, it is Gong Sijun 33 groups of 11 division a bugler of 16 years old.

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Xiao Yongyin is Henan new county resembles domestic bay person, mother of 5 years old of funeral, when 13 years old, xiao Yongyin’s father attends revolution, xiao Yongyin also followed father to add a Red Army man, but regrettablly is, “Respectful is turned over ” when, xiao Yongyin’s father is killed, 1931, xiao Yongyin also because of ” left ” by jail. In September 1932, red Army ” turn over encircle and suppress ” suffer a defeat, xiao Yongyin of 15 years old is punished ” hard work team ” , along with army took 3000 lis of run, in June 1933, xiao Yongyin just is given off, became bugler. At that time on battlefield, bugler although position is not high, it is to want to always be waited for however beside senior officer, so that issue an order, accordingly, on battlefield, the growing speed of bugler, it is particularly fast.

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In ” 6 are besieged ” when, the 33 groups that Xiao Yongyin is in, by enemy besiege, disastrous, company commander, battalion commander sacrifices mostly, urgent colonel Zhang Jihou stamps his foot continuously however have no alternative, look at battlefield circumstance, also replace colonel as the Xiao Yongyin of bugler Zhang Jihou is anxious, the tooth is bitten, be opposite Zhangji is honest and kind: “To me two are connected, I go beating back plain army. ” . The Xiao Yongyin at that time, year only 16 years old, did not direct the experience that fight at all, zhang Jihou hesitated, xiao Yongyin sees state, hastily: “Dozen do not retreat plain army, kill my head! ” .

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Zhang Jihou sees Xiao Yongyin is so determined, and he is opposite again battlefield is hopeless, the tooth is bitten, gave Xiao Yongyin really two are connected, xiao Yongyin is taking soldiers to bear down on enemy a group of people of same interest, back and forth charge, be like like entering an place without anyone, see Xiao Yongyin is taking two to connect, throw into confusion plain army condition, zhang Jihou jumped gladly, direct horse and foot strikes back. Plain army by Xiao Yongyin desperately hit a law to give be hit muddled, after Zhang Jihou takes a person to rush, complete turn things upside down, escape in disorder 30 lis, xiao Yongyin leads a ministry to pursue and attack, as a result sad thing happened, xiao Yongyin by stray bullet perforative wind, lung by puncture, want breath only, can hematic water is poured out of down cut, at death’s door.

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Look at the Xiao Yongyin that just establishs next extraordinary service, zhang Jihou is aching unceasingly, at that time army commander made world friend walk over, ask: “How to return a responsibility? ” . Zhang Jihou answers: “Hate to part with this impish. ” . Xu Shiyou: “Hate to part with carry go up. ” . Later, xiao Yongyin recovers like the miracle, fight day of period, xiao Yongyin because battle achievement, rise from battalion commander too march area deputy commander of the 8th military subzero, when ending to war of liberation, xiao Yongyin already was Xiao Yongyin holds the post of the 2nd field army the 3rd corps is dozenth army deputy army commander holds chief of staff concurrently.

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After founding a state, xiao Yongyin holds the position of Chinese people people who volunteer to fight in another country dozenth army the duty such as army commander, enter day of the aid that fight the United States, 1955, xiao Yongyin is awarded major general military rank, this year, ability is 38 Xiao Yongyin years old.

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