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Original title: Small jubilate elegant mom, have a heart that loves heavy engine however, mix today plum build play to suffer fully now expect Should say this summer vacation most domestic drama of fire, be not main actor of Qing Dynasty of Huang Lei, sea for certain ” small jubilate ” not belong to.

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The parentage high school period tells this drama very to be cut fully. At the same time be mingled with is worn topic of a few societies, for instance course of study of middleaged human affairs, old people is cheated easily to wait. ” small jubilate ” conflagration, let a men and women advocate the career of sea Qing Dynasty, Huang Lei breaks up again red. Also let Zhou Ji, Li Geng hope, the young actor such as Liu Jiawei again beginning to show ability or talent.

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More the line of vision that in letting the small Tao Hong, plum that chant, Wang Yanhui, Sha Yi wait, group of green acting acting takes an audience again. ” small jubilate ” later, what new work do 3 pairs of parents in play have to broadcast? Sea Qing Dynasty, ” small jubilate ” later without what new work broadcasts, enter activity of the living theatre at ordinary times, or it is to run announce, pat those who pat magazine cover what.

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Or bask in the happy time that gets along with the son, do son of a need to fool fooled old girl, also be very happy.

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Sun Li also is very happy, after the job before of short duration retreats screen returns to a family, do not have housewife worry not only, live instead more and more girl, the life does not have care, have husband love, still the daughter does boudoir honey.

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With two men and womens advocate photograph comparing, the small Tao Hong, Sha Yi, Wangyan brightness, Mei Dou that chant has new make. In recent years delicacy is little before screen occurrence small Tao Hong, be in with Ji Shengli tribute piece ” I and my motherland ” ” convoy ” husband and wife of the personate in unit.

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Season foolish foolish also has a motion picture ” calm ” wait for sow, the director is Li Xiao peak, huang Bo is supervise the manufacture of, men and women advocate it is eaves of acting group seal and small Song Jia’s main actor.

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Small Song Jia did not say, acting is quite hard then, ” convoy ” appearance valiant of Xiao Ranying of female soldiers Lv, the interest of pliable but strong that women does not allow to beard and eyebrows lets a person use a facial expression.

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And Zhang Yu is depended on ” I am not medical god ” Huang Mao, ” anonymous generation ” cateran and ” elephant on the ground and sit ” at the city, fame big a confusion of voices, acting wins an audience approbate, the individual feels he is the 2nd Huang Bo.

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After acquiring international movie later, the plum that chant or as always low-key, life contrail did not change almost, this are dry dry. Also did not turn over main actor new work, be in instead thunder favorable reply, plum the film that reachs Xin Zhilei to act the leading role now ” the bureau in antique bureau ” continue to act costar Shen Yunchen, it is the old fox of an experienced and astute of villain in drama this however nevertheless.

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Shen Yunchen is the 3rd old government act according to, appearance looks be like grace dignified, simpatico. But the heart is a blackness however sinister, for the interest by hook and crook woman. The appearance that grace of the plum that chant has intention and character still are held out agree.

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