Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Original title: Afterwards ” little desire ” , another master piece will raid Peng Yu free, public praise knows after seeing a partner firm

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Believe to mention this ” little desire ” , filmgoer people should somewhat hear of. This drama presents as leading role to go out by actor Peng sunlighting free, Wang Daliu, Wei Daxun act, before though be in,be being shown because time the problem generated many controversy, but in later relatively pretty good public praise also received in showing reputably. And the free of Peng Yu of 3 main actors in drama, Wang Daliu, Wei Daxun is to make an audience more people in the heart new ” iron triangle ” .

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Recently, go up from the net some is big V explodes the hearsay that go out is informed, in afterwards ” little desire ” hind, one of main actors another master piece will raid Peng Yu free, that is the film ” the king of bath ” . This drama is a comedic film likewise, related the story of an a series of fun that happen in bath hall, at present this also had been in chip take stage.

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Besides Peng Yu free hopeful goes out those who perform this theatrical work is male advocate outside, know public praise after the partner person selected that sees him firm! He is comedian tall fir. At present nevertheless this film is returned not Guan Xuan, also eat melon carefully please so.

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Tell hopeful to be in this ” the king of bath ” the Qiao Sha of partner Peng sunlighting free, most propbably everybody the audience is not new. Regard the comedian of domestic count as one of the best as the delegate, he also gives an audience people brought the work with a lot of excellent quality. Having him what denounce happy humour disposition, early before in the program ” run male ” and ” happy and comedic person ” in the put together that wants very bright look art the effect.

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