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Original title: Come up against Jing Ming of Guo of scampish argue hand, what Li Chengru is defeated is too complete But have a hotspot most, most propbably or ” Li Chengru of Guo Jingming have a verbal battle with ” .

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Actually, guo Jingming eloquence is good, early what be new issue. The part that I had seen him coach Sha Yi acts in a play before — plainspoken, hold out really serious. And talking about between, he has his idea very much.

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What stand before even if is an old actor, he also not fear. Even, still attended one class well to the family: “As the actor, our nature should respect a play namely, in the play even if very ridiculous situation falls, we also get those who let its rationalize to come true, is not to say, I feel I act not to come out, I am about to change. I am about to change..

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See this paragraph of word with respect to light, is what can you say he is told incorrect? Cannot. Instead, taste carefully, still have bit of thing really. This is why the netizen can seal him to be ” optimal argue hand ” reason: True original story is done not have, but however too arrogate to oneself is sophisticated.

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All parts that do not believe you to be able to look to make a speech about Guo Jingming in program of first phase. He is not blockhead really, have really however had read a lot of books and had studied a lot of films are academic, his knowledge lays in a quantity, do not be defeated by those equipment that learning seriously every day to grind, equipment rich is unripe. But, guo Jingming’s ability, also only this. After all the film is not writing, good movie needs, it is Lian Jiazi, is not mouth skill.

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Say Li Chengru again. After the program broadcasts, do I see a lot of person says he is take advantage of one’s seniority? Do not respect literature? I look is not — the old artist that has actual strength truly as, let him enjoy Guo Jingming’s work, too difficult.

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For example cast performs a part, say like him in that way: An actor, it is not clear to tell even actor’s lines tell even actor’s lines, what play to still perform? Look in him, is drilling even actor basic skill good discharge star also can profess to be nowadays ” actor ” ? This is a bit funny rather.

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Back-to-back, he still was criticized ” best seller ” , means, the thing that is worth us to write is too much, love loves the passion that ought not to waste energy on high school unripe body. Tell true, here, of Jing Ming of Guo of my approve of ” allow ontological ” , but, I understand Li Chengru as much ” inflexible ” . Want at the outset, he is not so criticism ” discriminate is passed ” .

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Li Chengru says, in ancient time, branch government office lives king father, enter palace how possibly anyhow? Besides or with ” idol play ” do means and emperor the wife of a prince encounter? Too absurd!

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Yes, often send an actor actually most look to be not gotten ” monkey business ” , no matter be actor monkey business, still direct ” monkey business ” , to them, this is a kind profanatory. Contrary, the masterpiece that sees Li Chengru again ” serious case 6 groups ” : What the camera lens of this drama aims is people police, it carries of all kinds case, shaped the constabulary image that seeks justice with the real situation. Can say, the clue it may not be a bad idea inside, character, it is quite earnest, quite true.

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Fabaceous valve grading is online all the time also, belong to standard good theatrical work.

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But it is very bright that do not see Li Chengru be like in this drama held the position of anybody — a lot of people do not know, before this, he also became a lot of years when costar.

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Serve as an actor nevertheless, resemble 8 younger sister above mention — he is having extremely rich experience, perform work force, unusually solid. And by the methodology of his fictile character and summary, was to walk into an university more ” language of seeing and hearing ” teaching material, shadow history leaves behind a good reputation…

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Be just like him to be in comedic ” big wrist ” the performance of that one bell. So wonderful performance, let be Li Chengru to applause when spatial somebody, include Feng Xiaogang, excited even held him in arms.

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Li Chengru, enough and low-key name, but should understand him only a bit, what you can feel actor of his rancorring discharge rancors is quite qualified. So Cong Mou is planted on degree for, he should be Chinese teleplay the earliest a batch producer.

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This is why I say I can understand Li Chengru ” inflexible ” with ” severity ” — do not understand how they became an actor, do not understand more, they are by what skill ability conquered audience. Their success, simply too easy.

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Resemble his acting, li Chengru’s life also is the ability of one footmark took one step today. He has experienced what eat for in one’s childhood to fight with others, ever also was a few years ago because of deal one night is cruel rich… even if finally because consider undeserved and be out of pocket goes bankrupt, he also lives his life without misrepresentation. Why can he look down on those to attend even actor’s lines bad love show? Because of his artistic life, do not have shortcut two words.

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Guo Jingming says, you can not like the thing that you do not like forever, but allow it to exist please, you also can continue to be fed up with the thing that you are fed up with, but allow others to like to it please. This word, I agree from beginning to end. But also must not forget — the audience can be brought up sooner or later, joint hearing beauty is mature sooner or later. So, have true ability after all, the Hou Zaila when getting that comes out to sneak away.

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