Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: She ever went out act ” the home has children ” prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan and red, disappear from the scene because of privacy disorder however after The home has children once was the play of scene of a family that accompanied childhood of a lot of friends, also be to be here a lot of people knew Zhang Yishan, the star such as Yang Zi, as a result of exceedingly welcome, this drama also was to go out full 4, but well-known is, in the 3rd when, the Yang Zi that acts Xia Xue because school work must absent, come after that this role that because new young actor replaced Xia Xue,the play staff also sought, she is Ning Danlin.

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Although had in front of Yang Zi quite, again again new person deduces total meeting some are incommensurate, the effort that Dan Ningdan beautiful jade also is depending on him gradually those who got authority approbate. She is more later win 5 one project by this part outstanding teleplay award and award of flying Apsaras of the 26th teleplay. She also received a lot of good teleplay later, also let her more and more by everybody place is hep.

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And it is personate Guo Xiaxue likewise, yang Zi with respect to her completely contrary, later also is to come out work of rife movie and TV, one pace is recumbent oneself place that took a success hard, she that forthright and nifty strength also is to make everybody exceeding like, can see so a person not only it is to want working ability strong, bearing also is very important.

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