Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: ” melt please I ” 5 hotspots, chi Changxu, Yuan Zhenya, Yin Shiya performs freezing triangle to love!

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Yuan Zhenya of actual strength new personality

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Drama anthology ability firm televise, to female one Yuan Zhenya’s show judges a value is Yanzhi Shang Zao temporarily, but the netizen is waited for urgently not as good as it seems that make known one’s position. The opinion of reaction in the bookshops of new to this face is polar. Have support she and Chi Changxu are ” Jian matchs ” , also have spit groove to show she arrives from the appearance famous degree do not deserve to go up Xiaochi. Probably numerous ” Chi Tai ” hope him God is OK supplement more weighty female star. Nevertheless, look only ” melt please I ” 5 minutes premonitory this, with respect to discovery this pair of fresh CP have communication very much, the eyes of love has will have toward, make a person enchanted.

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“Eyes artisan ” Chi Changxu

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World of beautiful hag Yin is elegant

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The Chi Changxu of the go back to work after retiring from army appears to this drama confident, his proponent always pats sodden palm to the show of God. Regrettablly, the netizen is right ” melt please I ” react however general. Many audiences think the play is qualitative element flatly, story and film gimmick also is not attracted very, probably only from head of two drama close inspect on the low side to be able to see. To Hong Kong audience, ” melt please I ” refrigerant person subject matter is fresh. The issue closes year half before the drama market that TVB has had to serve as setting with this ” go against a predestined relationship ” , the part of big desk drama that makes a subject with refrigerant person reacts not common. ” go against a predestined relationship ” the Chen Jiale that makes original lonely lonely anonymous more prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan with red. Because Home Chen is happy,the audience likes is can old Hong Kong the sort of old sense acts so that comparative satisfy a craving. Should be in tide dash forward now the sort of vulgar lovely, chen Jiale is taken hold get, your audience falls in love with him.

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Surpass real the plot of a play

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