Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Original title: ” everybody longs to encounter you ” will raid, zhang Renan smile is cured sweetly, sit have two great male minds

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As we have learned, if the chapter is the model that clean out treasure before Nan, depend on later ” sadness becomes a river upstream ” Gu Senxiang goes out formally, her smile is cured sweetly, wear build a style unusual also style, it is a particularly melting and lovely girl. After having one’s moment, receive performed a few new theatrical work, besides this drama, still remain to sow drama this year ” a private assistant attending to legal is asked self-prossessed ” , ” if sound does not remember ” , integral resource is quite pretty good still.

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The chapter is like Nan personate female advocate Luo Xi, it is the girl with an optimistic sunshine, her occurrence brings sunshine to male view die out. In newest stage photo, zhang Renan wears tool to connect body pants, long hair waves wave to show tender affinity, looking is an optimistic and hopeful schoolgirl. Zhang Renan smile is cured sweetly, appearance temperament is superexcellent, believe this drama leaves sow, can lift the upsurge that seek theatrical work one time.

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Our female advocate Luo Xi, so melting cure, besides male view die out, of Wang Yiguan personate male 2 Tao Lun, also like Luo Xi, look female advocate Zhang Renan, sit the rhythm that has two great male minds, two people still are green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, dan Luoxi just regards him as elder brother, so, heart of a bit small still cruel. The sport that trigonometry loves is piled up, doesn’t the netizen love to look? Do not worry, our male 2, later period also can have what Cp comes on the stage!

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” everybody longs to encounter you ” released newest stage photo, predict to leave very quickly sow piece, zhang Renan smile is cured sweetly, sit have two great male minds. Do you expect this theatrical work? The welcome leaves a message!

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