Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Rainwater season, which a few films does the setting in guessing these rain come from? Piao night asks

20220219103214 6210c72e36496

The answer: From on reaching next parting is ” dream of corridor bridge involuntary discharge of urine ” ” be like Shen Ke save atone for ” ” a wet of new York ” ” this killer is not quite sober ” . Today is 24 solar term are medium ” rainwater ” , implied meaning rainfall begins, rainfall class is given priority to with drizzle of spit or wool wool more. Variation of rainwater season weather is errant, it is process of annual cold wave appears one of maximum time, ignore cold heat up suddenly, warm suddenly cold still. About vernal rain, the ancients is described ” good rain tells time, be born when Chun Naifa ” , “If embellish of weather market spit is crisp, careless lubricious Yao looks to be not had however nearly ” , common saying has ” rain during springtime is expensive like oil ” . Timely rain lets earth flourishing, the wood grows. There also are a lot of a lot settings in the film, leading role people the joys and sorrows that deduces life in act of rain of all over the sky. In the film ” dream of corridor bridge involuntary discharge of urine ” finally, in the car that takes in the husband when heroine indecisive when, kelinte Yisite the lift up or let down with a rope that the Robert of five heart personate gives him her drops hang in the car, want to let her make a choice between the husband and oneself. Want to open the door in heroine when getting off, the husband started a car, two people had been fastened at this point. Extremely big rain is overflowed outside car window, and heroine also sits in the car to cry. She cannot make a choice, leave forever regret so. The film ” those who be like Shen Ke save atone for ” in the classical setting in also having a rain. Should be treated unjustly the leading role Andy of put in prison climbs from inside dirty jail conduit when, rain cats and dogs outside, pluvial bath washed his soul. The motion picture that shortly will show ” a wet of new York ” the heft that can know wet amid from title. Be wet facilitated a few mix accidentally inevitable, romance and warmth. Similar title still has ” the music in rain ” , film of Spring Festival archives ” this killer is not quite sober ” greeted the setting that the leading role in the film has dance lightly in rain. Zhou Jielun is in ” the secret that cannot say ” in sing: “The most beautiful is not next wet, it is the eave that ever escaped rain with you. ” about issueing wet, the memory with unforgettable what do you have? New capital newspaper edits Wu Longzhen to proofread Lu Qian

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