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Original title: 3 outside expecting shadow emperor Fu Dalong sends, selling is true why does he divorce with Rao Minli Fu Dalong is emperor of 3 makings shadow, age becomes shadow emperor gently, can say acting perfectly. He acting is excellent, be in however after becoming famous, without the work of more high quality. Even the net passes him what do not have play to pat, outside choosing to send, sell. This message caused heat one piece to discuss immediately, so 3 is outside expecting shadow emperor Fu Dalong sends, selling true?

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The film ” day dog ” let rich Dalongyi battle becomes famous reach the limit, depend on masterly in this film acting, behead of with one action of rich big dragon wins large award of medium of film of award of ornamental columns erected in front of palaces, golden pheasant award, Chinese ” optimal hero ” award, his what regard 3 makings shadow as the Supreme Being actual strength is beyond question. The trough that but be after this film,rich big dragon was immersed in a career it seems that period, lose sight of Fu Dalong’s trace inside very long period of time, the resource on his hand is inferior to greatly it seems that once upon a time. Even hearsay says Fu Dalong rots to be not received piece, aux would rather the bottom line that makes family education also cannot break his sells outside send so, for a time Fu Dalong is considered as at present till the most out at the elbows shadow emperor. But actually this just is the rumor that fabricates from media just, fu Dalong appears without more work for some time really, actually he just has been asked this question in be interviewed.

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And the problem that is aimed at a reporter, he states he is willing to get ready more labour makes money, even if is it is OK also to outside sending, sell, result person blurt out carries lift example to be taken seriously, fu Dalong became people key point medium ” poor big dragon ” . Say so, 3 outside expecting shadow emperor Fu Dalong sends, selling is not true. His age became shadow emperor gently, can saying on the career is very pretty good. At the same time he also early encountered the person oen is in love with, married formally at exposing to the sun oneself 2010. This is in regrettablly yesterday, fu Dalong and wife Rao Minli announce to divorce, two people issue statement severally, express ” everything is better, each other take good care of yourself ” . In statement, fu Dalong and Rao Minli express, bilateral course is discreet and serious, consultative, already signed divorce agreement a few days ago, peace parts company.

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Must say, hear the Fu Dalong of insulation with red, did not think of to also divorce. Two people marry a few years 10, all the time conjugal love has add, announced suddenly to divorce, a bit omen is done not have. Although be written on statement, is peace part company, but view too the government, also do not have specific say a reason, from this unknown, fu Dalong and the reason that the wife divorces.

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