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Original title: “Invisible plute ” Zhang Shi: Ever went out act ” Zhao Gao ” have one’s moment, today 54 years old buy the ground to plant dish for the wife “Invisible plute ” Zhang Shi: Ever went out act ” Zhao Gao ” have one’s moment, today 54 years old buy the ground to plant dish for the wife people perhaps does not know who is Zhang Shi, but had heard of certainly ” Zhao Gao ” . In those days the teleplay edition that Hu Ge acts the leading role ” mythological ” after broadcasting red all over great river north and south. The costar in drama ” Zhao is tall ” although be a villain in drama,ache because of bad heart letting a person however and C go out, red publicity. Zhang Shi is namely in drama personate ” Zhao Gao ” actor.

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Regrettablly his play a favourite by sb in power is not red, common people all knows ” Zhao Gao ” do not know Zhang Shi. Actually he has a traitorous childhood, 17 annual expenditure, in recreation the circle is hit go all out old. His talent also not acting of bureau be confined to, he resembles ” Panduola ” demon box, there is endless and sealed treasure very much inside.

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“Often come child ” Zhang Shi’s traitorous childhood Zhang Shi was born in Taiwan 1966, but ancestral home is in Sichuan. Allegedly Zhang Shi’s father is a soldier, it is after age is very old ability some he, to him this ” often come child ” very favorite. Zhang Shi’s disposition this very lively, father concerns because of occupational, often not be beside. And the other elder member of family in the home people what grant whatever is requested approximately to Zhangshi is doting, also make Zhang Shijian becomes more and more traitorous gradually.

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Adolescent Zhang Shi, with the boy with piquant great majority, do not love to learn love to fight, escape the class is common occurrence more. Every time the certainly of father severity when him, he is more traitorous, still shouting to want to leave school, next more ask for trouble. His father is enraged a few times by him ill, but this alone child cannot true indulge no matter. Think method to send him then study is Thespian inside art school, wanting to there is a proficiency in a particular line in the future always won’t starved to death.

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17 years old of accidents gave piece of world to learn a few days to begin dramatically impatient rise, wanting relapse. At that time Niu Chengze gets his good friend seek main actor film ” wind ark comer ” , niu Chengze invites he and guest of additionally a few classmates to string together. Stem from curiosity, zhang Shi went, appearance quite distinctive he is directed successfully pitch on. The film filmed 1983, type gives Zhang Shizheng.

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After this film broadcasts, what the part of Zhang Shi personate won an audience is consistent reputably. Before obtaining admissive Zhang Shiyi to change traitorous strength, convergence has the temper of own insolent, and begin the knowledge with effort professional study. After precipitating 6 years so, zhang Shiping borrows and collective ginseng performs Liu De Hua ” violent wind city ” cut a figure.

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The light of leading role 1989, collective ginseng performed Zhangshi and good friend Niu Chengze the film ” banana heaven ” , zhang Shi goes out in drama act male 2, it is very important minor role. Depending on the masterly acting in drama, zhang Shirong of 23 years old obtains Jin Ma award is optimal male match, this is pot of horse of the first his gold. The 2nd year, oneself Gaoguang hour that the Zhang Shiying of little famous energy of life comes to, in ” date for the first time ” hero of the personate in this film. After this drama broadcasts not only double bumper harvest of public praise booking office, zhang Shihai was invited to attend the fundamental picture on the world to exhibit, make him big open horizon.

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Him what had viewed the world, by the world flourishing attract, zhang Shixuan choose continues to enter the film dream that swings his to the United States. Dream and be full of between reality ” bone feels ” , the Zhang Shigen after going to the United States this unmanned make inquires, he what can pat without play is forced to should wash bowl of labour for keep the pot boiling finally. In this paragraph low he still insists to read in confused day, study English, fathom person heart.

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Later, he is received invite film of his main actor ” 5 chief ” message, do not have what foreground really in exotic an alien land considering oneself, receive next invitation then, go back to the motherland development. Zhang Shi is in the film ” 5 chief ” medium wonderful performance, the optimal hero of audience elect by ballot was obtained when Lu Tedan holds a shadow to exhibit.

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Piece act ” Zhao Gao ” have one’s moment Zhang Shi decided to leave Taiwan 2000, will act art centre of gravity turns to outback development. The teleplay that performed north and south of fashionable great river goes out after 3 years ” pink young woman ” , it is a goodness, enthusiastic that Zhang Shi is fond of in the landlord Gong of the personate in drama, very busybody. Where is the acting that how describes Zhang Shi? There is beauty of not little handsome young man in this drama namely, the Zhang Shi with general appearance is stupefied is to depending on acting to invite an audience people remembered him this piece of face.

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2010 when, zhangshi and collaboration of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad song go out jointly performed teleplay ” mythological ” , the hot degree after this drama broadcasts does not need to be carried again. Hu Ge wants Yan Zhi to have Yan Zhi, want acting to have acting, the Yi Xiaochuan of his personate gets naturally of one numerous girl chase after hold in both hands. Zhang Shize is personate become great villain in drama and Yi Xiaochuan to do step by step by the person of a recreant goodness right ” Zhao Gao ” .

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General villain in drama is disgust is mixed disgustful, but of Zhang Shiyan ” Zhao Gao ” let a person cannot bear however heart hate. His show ” Zhao Gao ” struggle, with disgrace of bully getting a person when helpless, gave out the loud cry that does not want to be bullied again. That paragraph also is called the acting of schoolbook type, the person that lets look in succession lachrymal eye.

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Did he become wrong? He is wrong, but everybody kissed to arrive soon, he is how by force step by step of bad that one situation. This forces he includes to regard the good friend’s Yi Xiaochuan as even in his person. No matter Yi Xiaochuan is intended,still be innocently, he is to be pressed dead ” good friend ” last straw. Final that originally kind-hearted person was become ” Zhao Gao ” , one should go to what altitude goes step by step ” Zhao Gao.

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Everybody can like very much previously male advocate Yi Xiaochuan, more people mention now ” mythological ” everybody remembers what Hu Ge acts is hero. But absentminded can forget hero what name, only clear remember a costar cries ” Zhao Gao ” .

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“Invisible plute ” Zhang Shi, today 54 years old buy the ground to plant dish for the wife Zhang Shiyan’s part, although be costar but very much existence feels, “Gong Xi ” such, “Zhao Gao ” also be such. You may not retain his own name, but old later what does that minor role that you still retain him once acting certainly call the name. Probably this is play a favourite by sb in power is reflected one kind not red.

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In last few years piece it is the frequency that takes sport not tall, also appear in the public rarely at the moment. Allegedly him Zhang Shijiang pats the remuneration go off with of play to invest estate, invest meal industry, opened much home store. Zhang Shiben has commercial head, the course is so old dozen go all out and accumulate, the basin full boiler that he earns already became completely invisible plute.

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Zhang Shiceng classics has a paragraph of amour, can finally the predestined relationship does not have cent, later the agent become attached to with oneself. After two people are loving each other ten years, this is in to the lover he 46 years old when the knot is husband and wife. What the two people after marriage live all the time is insipid and happy, appear in public eye shot rarely.

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Zhangshi has had 54 years old nowadays, he states in be interviewed the closest the wife is dreaming to cross that farm garden to live all the time, and the ground that he had given a wife to buy 900 level ground. Be like ” strong president ” contracted to do a vegetable garden euqally, it is the desire of contented wife only. Zhang Shihe wife plants dish together, weed, water, pick melon, two people rose too really pastoral. Do you like Zhang Shi this actor? The welcome leaves a message in comment area discuss.

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