Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Original title: The ancient costume drama 24 years ago, female 2 with 18 years youth is accompanied male advocate, male advocate what married 18 years old however is female advocate A lot of people feel present teleplay very Lei Ren, gut always is an incongruous, actually the teleplay a few years ago also is these cover a region, just everybody understands lesser. Among a lot of teleplay female 2 are one does not demand happy role, if a bit worse, not only male advocate do not like her, must tell even the audience groove she. What we should tell today is a teleplay in the center female 2.

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” time situation of Liao Zhai robs ” be 20 old a teleplay before, the gut of this drama is quite interesting still. Hero was fallen in love with in an accidental opportunity female advocate preexistence, but fail together because of certain reason, and female 2 are accompanied all the time however in male advocate beside, be being accompanied is 18 years, just male principal and subordinate had not been touched. The gut that is very strange flower next, heroine reincarnation, male advocate peace the heroine of reincarnation is together, two people give birth to subsist happily, foolish female 2 can alone eventually old.

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Female 2 are overcome such blow, so the choice ends life. Small when it is not easy to see this drama feel leading role of male and female goes together, after be brought up, feel female however 2 very miserable.

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The hero among this teleplay is very actually affectionate, a lot of girls like him, but he is waiting for heroine painstakingly all the time however, will see him from this is a good man. However female 2 accompanied him 18 years, day of these 18 years is uneasy, hero is right female 2 some too absolutely affection. The key is male advocate did not tell clearly all the time female 2 he is waiting for another girls. He waits for move daughter at the same time advocate, enjoy move daughter at the same time 2 good to his, such behavior has some of broken bits.

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Hero spent time of 18 years to wait for heroine really, however the youth that he also wasted a girl 18 years, be done some are overly. No matter be,be being returned in teleplay is in actual life, still had better be can stoke sentiment bright, can delay others only otherwise. In teleplay this male advocate do not have what responsibility heart actually, he is known only enjoy, do not know however pay.

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Do not know what to kind of idea there is after everybody understood the gut of this teleplay? Anyway I am to hold out those who enrage this hero, also feel distressed female 2.

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