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Original title: Afterwards ” the strategy that delay happiness ” , ” bright lanthanum is passed ” later, wu Jin character performs ancient costume theatrical work again, the partner is him unexpectedly The person that remove ancient costume part to act a little every time this one topic, wu Jin character always can emerge the brain in me, the likelihood is be attracted by her the appearance of an actor, also be probably be convinced by her acting.

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Recently, act the leading role by her ” still feed ” calm archives, this can be afterwards ” the strategy that delay happiness ” , ” bright lanthanum is passed ” the another palace drama later.

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Also be such, the audience just can expect all the more. This drama setting is large next year, of personate of Wu Jin character is a lady-in-waiting, special have deep love for cate, from small lady-in-waiting grows to manage for step by step board. Wu Jin character is 90 hind, be born at Chengdu, one’s previous experience of regular professional training, 20 years old are joined performed life drama of the first ancient costume; 23 years old can one person cent impersonates two character. After wherefrom, her ginseng has performed idol play, knight-errant drama, war play, affection drama, love theatrical work. But, these drama did not hold her in both hands truly red, until piece act ” Yan Xi strategy ” , she just walks into masses eye shot thoroughly, humanness is hep.

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18 years, “Delay attack ” once broadcast, close inspect extraordinary, of this and personate of Wu Jin character ” Wei Ying Luo ” cent of this one part does not leave, kind-hearted, justice, enthusiastic, decisive etc. Of course, the most important still is explanation of Wu Jin character reach the designated position.

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Explode red later, be in 19 years again ” bright lanthanum is passed ” appear, billows of personate plum bright, continue to give out heat in the glow in ancient costume drama. In this drama, wu Jin character showed his dancing strength again. As we have learned, she likes dance in one’s childhood, checked boreal dance attached middle school 2000, learned 7 years fully, was gone to by arrangement later in the center of corps de ballet.

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2020 although do not have ancient costume drama, but have two city theatrical work, echo is pretty good also. 22 days, ” still feed ” be about to meet with everybody, whether can the expression of Wu Jin character let a person shine at the moment?

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Look from effluent stage photo only, no matter be,go up from the appearance of an actor or on Yan Zhi, wu Jin character still gave a surprise, look at have a feeling very much, lasting appeal is very. Besides, this drama still has a bit more interesting, this with partner of Wu Jin character is Xu Kai, this two people are in early ” delay attack ” passed with respect to the partner, can you brush a new scintilla this?

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