Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Yang Zi new theatrical work should broadcast, mount hot search often, male advocate fetching expect Yang Zi new theatrical work should broadcast, mount hot search often, male advocate fetching expect Guan Wei ” agalloch eaglewood is like bits ” release new premonitory with a few pieces of stage photo, and thematic song ” agalloch eaglewood ” came, the trends that everybody guesses Guan Wei is the closest is very frequent, and go up heat up search the first, most propbably is the date that this drama distance decides archives to broadcast, also won’t too far?

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” agalloch eaglewood is like bits ” adapt from famous the drama of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of big LP, experienced more or less incident disturbance, the first scene is sweet the Yang Zi that change character comes of personate female advocate, be evaluated to be by their vermicelli made from bean starch, it is to help a kind of action of field, can say ” agalloch eaglewood is like bits ” it is true did not sow first fire, and now also announce of official of type of thematic Qu Zheng, take long room of next highest heat a list of names posted up. I look at that time new premonitory hind, the Yang Zi in stating deep feeling is drama and Cheng Yi CP are quite sufficient, see model of white hair ancient costume, he Chengyi bloodstain is multicolored, different modelling characteristic, especially they cry play, taking again in despair love, cannot help laughing making a person. To Cheng Yi, most propbably won’t expect a cost too high, act the leading role before ” coloured glaze ” the part of similar style, he needs personate the Ying Yuan with disparate case of two individual character.

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Ying Yuan’s person is set should be to take a teenager to feel oneself, another character is celestial being gas is elegant, but disposition is more indrawn, like the opposite sex least of all stand by, female advocate Yan Dangu meaning is active close moment, he can be behaved all over the face cold-shoulder, but what still can experience a silk in many detail is favorite. Although face female advocate colour weak willfully make a trouble, also can not get angry, the other side that includes all the time instead, be in two people in getting along small at odds, such love let countless vermicelli made from bean starch show aunt laugh. Did not say more here, I believe is to explode certainly money theatrical work.

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