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Original title: ” Chen Qing makes ” bear the palm, solid return to the name, the Wang Yibo that resemble battle is worthy of is ” double top flows “

20220219111233 6210d0a1b1125

Mention classical teleplay, likelihood we a lot of people are met in brain now the work of a few movie and TV of ancient dragon of occurrence Jin Yong, in the audience people in impression in that way classical the memory that is generation person, it is inheritance of a few years more. Mention the classical part in drama of movie and TV and the model that give a group, “South Jiao Beigu ” the memory that waited for the actors that are a delegate to become everybody to remember for an instant in brain however. Although now market of drama of movie and TV, the modelling dress of drama of a few ancient costume, acting appearance respect lets actors audience people cannot accept temporarily. But must say, still have a lot of work that give a group a few this years, of the Wang Yibo that resemble battle ” Chen Qing makes ” heat is carried as before dozen.

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Of the Wei Moxian of personate of the place that resemble battle and personate of Wang Yibo place blue forget machine, made the presence like the Bai Yueguang that everybody cannot be replaced in the heart and surmounts. Their expression is reductive the compressed character in the book, gift part with the soul, with each other achievement is more between the part. Although we had been familiar with the gist of the story,come extremely, even if was June 2019 the portion broadcasts, can arrive nowadays, as before heat is not decreased, have as before ceaseless new audience and vermicelli made from bean starch join this to cry ” A makes ” big family.

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Suffer an audience to love as an equipment, walk along door going abroad to mount hot search ceaselessly for many times even, a such teleplay that even if went to to as before new titbits appeared 2022, the Wang Yibo that resemble battle gifted for the part life, and this work also made this theatrical work the position that two people top sheds, never change from beginning to end. Teleplay is approbated by everybody, be broadcasted from data not only and for the impression of public praise and audience, the honor that still has a lot of flower mind and award gift go up in work body, a kind of redound of the effort that is pair of actors and play staff likewise and pass on. Be in the 8th Guizhou Province in list of bear the palm of award of literary award, literature of first Guizhou Province, we see the Wang Yibo that resemble battle two people act the leading role this ” Chen Qing makes ” award of the third class that be had the honor to win by nomination.

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In rank of sheet of a few a list of names posted up, ” Chen Qing makes ” almost complete metropolis is in appearing place a list of names posted up one, this is honorary, it is to invite audience of vermicelli made from bean starch people feel proud. And his film the ground is in Guizhou, dozen of card goes there to pass in succession after many people look teleplay at the outset, especially big ending when, that lens that two people part in the summit is too beautiful really.

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For the specially good effect that compares a few other teleplay and cut plan, so on-the-spot find a view, because be right to work more attentively,be of the audience not only esteem. The intention of actors, the intention of the play staff, audience people experience naturally get, just can use achievement to make a round trip with data so make a present of.

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Such those who approbate a delegate is an audience people aspirations, also be a work the milepost that experiences on growing road. When still be being written down so that this drama just began to film, encountered the boycott of pink of large quantities of origianl work book, two people are in small transparent period at that time, when even if just began before broadcasting a few part, heat also is not very high. But finally as teleplay broadcast temperature is higher and higher, everybody saw two such roles, even still a few other main actors are behaved mediumly in drama.

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Besides dress prop special only beautiful, work height is reductive, besides detail intention, the acting of actors is complete also member online, because everybody’s effort is mixed,paying, so ability lets conflagration of a drama rise quite. Because of support of the people of this climate favourable geographical position, this drama gives a group quickly, the broil that makes file of that year of summer vacation is hot, even if arrived to want to still become really interested now, still meet the broil of that summer heats up recall with emotion.

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What two names became us become really interested, a such drama become the best corner in be being recollected for us. Their each other achievement, accomplish each other, no matter outside sound is what kind of, the audience always conceives those who putting objective intellect to love to mix to this drama approbate. Walk out of a part, even if is Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo these a few years, also as before heat is fought dozen, be worthy of be ” double top flows ” . A drama, achievement actor while, time can give a person always also to be mixed with catharsis result. he became an everybody mouth medium classical, move a spectator in virtually because of him just about people heart, there are two kinds of people probably namely for the word that uses a few netizens, one kind is to had not looked ” Chen Qing makes ” , one kind is to look even more of above.

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This drama can be nominated again bear the palm, it is solid that such success can say return to the name. Should be in so this award list should be in on hot search when the name that sees him, the DNA that makes card girls was moved again, recall the summer that has that there will be ample time again. Green hill does not change green water to grow stream, so we are met really meet again some day.

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