Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: New theatrical work of Zhao Jin wheat ” the teenager is sent 2 ” will raid, wheat of Zhang Jia beneficial, Yan Ni, Zhao Jin present as leading role to act the leading role

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On January 27, did the university on Zhao Jin wheat also begin to circulate, ” germinant ” in affection ended Li Shi circularly, new theatrical work of Zhao Jin wheat ” the teenager is sent 2 ” Lin Miaomiao kills blueness. Zhao Jin wheat does not go to give a loop, when Zhao Jin wheat seeing in university list, everybody is the first reaction, the university became Lin Miaomiao to begin Jie Suoxin’s undergraduate to live on, mix this her is Qian Sanyi, do not know what to interesting thing you can produce again?

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On January 27, have a netizen: ” the teenager is sent 2 ” the cast of this drama is very pretty good, explode according to the netizen makings or the old cast go out act. . What Zhao Jin wheat acts is Lin Miaomiao. Foolish of a foolish but 3 view hopeful girl. Although now and then do not wear tone, but teaching materials gas still has those who treat a friend to but do not have a word,say then. And her ego acknowledge is clear, won’t follow the masses blindly.

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On January 27, have a netizen: ” the teenager is sent 2 ” by ” the teenager is sent ” the first the old cast is made, college graduate shortly, 4 in former days although schoolfellow good friend and their family has a worry each, but the travel before the effort on the road that approaching Xiang Xingfu. Lin Miaomiao drawing near graduates, in study abroad with choose course of study between hesitate, but fall in the company of parents and friend, she is precipitant.

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On January 27, have a netizen: The undergraduate Lin Miaomiao of graduation shortly, want with new personality trainee brand-new duty field is entered at the beginning of the identity, be faced with change to social part from campus. Meanwhile she the good friend Qian Sanyi when high school (Guo Junchen is acted the role of) , Jiang Tianhao (Jiang Guanna is acted the role of) with Deng Xiaoqi (Han Peiying is acted the role of) the crossroad that also facing respective life, the person such as Lin Miaomiao faces the choice after the university graduates.

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