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Original title: Never mention it, old He Yan as person of low position this kind very appropriate really!

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” full-dress ” do sisters have look? Should say inside most who is letting your aversion? Should I am guessed also be old conspicuous personate ” Lu Binbin ” right?

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And this Lu Binbin that Chen He performs is very outstanding really, because,return unexpectedly ” too cheap ” and went up a few times to heat up search, let a person look the tooth is crawlily.

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” full-dress ” should be drama of vogue of a city, the story is the thing on all sorts of duty field of the editorial office that happens in top class and fashionable magazine probably.

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The ad department of old conspicuous personate is in charge of Lubin Bin monicker ” rash cap ” , it is the sort of the most rebarbative Lilliputian in duty field, do obeisance to step on low, bully people by flaunting one’s powerful connections, foment dissension high, the ham that holds new editor in chief in arms bullies new personality, diffuse rumor.

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In the process that sees play, discover Chen He always has a few petty action, also knowing the design that is this part is such, he himself feels to accord with and still squeeze those who go up, anyhow looks at all sorts of wanting that scold him to hit his impulse namely.

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The put together that also does not know to see him at ordinary times art look much, always feel he is not to performing teleplay, going up however put together art.

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Does like Lu Binbin the part of essence of this stallion fart believe the company of the majority to you can exist? Little bagatelle can be magnified go out by his advocate, often the source that he makes a thing perhaps do the Eight Diagrams namely.

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Actually I can feel, there should be a kind of state of mind that envies Yan Kai in Lu Binbin’s heart. After all he follows Yan Kai group an unitive feeling between is really strong, lu Binbin is acerbity he, it is not strange also to want to do him.

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See this play at the beginning actually for, think Lu Binbin is hellion, always do a thing to manage each departments so that gallinaceous flying dog jumps, can wanting to say is, he can take full-dress advertisement chief inspector locally, have outstanding place certainly.

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Reality is actually medium, he loves stir up trouble this kind ” the top of a wall is careless ” , in real job field metropolis work must compare average person to be close friends, because the company needs such person really on certain level,existence acts as of a kind of harmonic agent.

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Bin Bin although the aggressive in the heart is rampant, but he has a very clear foot to the class of the company, know change one’s view according to circumstances, also know stop where it should stop, be swung by Chen Kaiyi after all after paper, he is true astringent.

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On barrage also this Lubin Bin that some people spit groovy Chen He to act is too coxcombical, but from this on the other hand for, chen He is successful, the part of his personate, let an audience experience the mood of uncomfortable place and allergy really.

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A part is true can if cheap remembers to the audience, also be a kind of success.

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