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Original title: ” between the world ” open year of king bomb play, audience most the performance that recognizes 4 people, thunder favorable reply is among them one of “People ” it is a half, the 3rd acting story says, the 3rd acting story the story that now is week of Na Heyan, but two people each other love each other, but Zhounan is very tall, the Tang Dynasty ‘ does not want early, pledge should adopt Tsinghua. No matter which generation, teleplay is touched very much, because detail is very special, people is very comfortable. “People ” basically be the fault that acquires super person energy of life. Since blast off, grade is the first country all the time. A few actors attend a show, and the god of their move name, be in so big Thespian in, the actor’s expression is met undoubtedly. Who can progress smoothly, it is so in the idea of the audience, their expression has been moved. Pedagogic thunder is peaceful, all alone accept, it is very important that the expression of favour of a place of strategic importance and Song Chunli will have the part that mentions them a lot of times, and have a lot of players, so this is a crucial action.

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If these parts are stable, so other actress is very good, it is brocade undoubtedly. Netizens expresses, the occurrence of Lei Jiali is complete and Thespian in the mainest effect. Want this part success only, so this kind had succeeded dramatically, this word is very right. Lei Jiali is leading role really, right man the first, his expression special, completely complete and democratic, see the sign that is less than an actor. I experienced a lot of harships, I still maintain pure heart, this is very infrequent.

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The expression of Lei Jiali is to make the part convinces an audience, think his word is true and reliable. Zhou Bingkun comes to thunder merchant, without doubt, one of the most successful delegates in artistic career. This role is very important. If II is being broadcasted, so this is a half dramatically. This kind is sowed more, the expression of Lei charming is conquered. Saurna produced a lot of people, the mother suits her very much. She is nature, two people are in in maternal mother, the character is very tender, talk and yearn for, people feels warm, perhaps Suo Na has this mother to let her mother play real feeling, very adjacent, actually, she has 53 years old only, adopt chemical method, ZOJO looks older, self-given gas field.

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The teacher of Sonina is very natural, first-rate, she does not play, because she resembles a mother. Mrs. Song Chunli, mrs. Jin Yueji, this old lady is not a woman, she is very clever, it will special abide by, especially husband Zhou Bingyi, this is a very high art. Although common saying says, the son’s wife is half son, be in Jinhuaji’s center, but the talent that her bride is Zhou Bingyi and talent, do not avoid the sadness of my daughter. They are elegant experience, jin Yueji does not want to waste talent weapon, so I hope he will become the Party committee secretary of martial factory.

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In fact, this is not private, this is one repeats use talented person completely, so Zhou Ruidi acts talent and blood. Know the story of Russia and Ao Liya Zhou Bingyi, jin Yueji’s pay also is schoolbook. This is Zhou Bingyi of the first exploration, the purpose is good, I do not think, zhou Bingyi also realises the old lady is nice to you, so I am admired and thank my heart! The watch of Sinding is Thespian now in valuable also, especially the relation between his father and his farther-in-law suits very much. It cannot say is one masters, but he can use this kind of communication means. One very clever, very abstracted person.

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New adored temperament is the key that models Zhou Bingyi successfully. Zhou Bingyi is Xin bright celebrate, xin Bai Qing is Zhou Bingyi, the perfect confluence of actor and part, the director chose an actor really. In fact, zhou Bingyi’s individual character is inferior to Zhou Bingkun, but Zhou Bingyi and their identity is different, he can continue to rise, prove he has talent, person civil code of the mother won’t be poor. The fact also proves Zhou Bingyi is done very well, but he is not a good son, can saying only is a good husband. Audience actually capable to show the actor’s performance, because the character in these TV set also is the member of a lot of Everyman, they can see they will be divisional the eye of masses.

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