Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Dispatch supports Liu Yifei ” our winter abstruse ” this animation film is mound glacial mound screen of Xue Rong be in harmony head beautiful

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19 days, liu Yifei dispatch supports big motion picture ” our winter abstruse ” , for friend company new film is publicized.

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It is reported, animation film ” our winter abstruse ” divide in all for 4 canto, part with ” bear appears and disappear ” the small shaven head in is mixed by force Xiong Daxiong 2, ” impersonal ” the classical animation that film studio of art of the small Hu Niu in animation of the contemporary immortal in, traditional puppet that decide case, Shanghai is a delegate with Qi Tian mahatma, pass 4 animation short film around the Olympic Winter Games, told about to be mixed about solidarity, dream, courage the story that go all out in work. “The top flows ” mound of mascot ice mound and Xue Rong be in harmony also assumed main drama share in the story, the film on Feburary 19 the whole nation is shown.

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