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Original title: ” between the world ” origianl work big ending lets a person accept hard, hope teleplay can change I am very curious, I had seen ” people ” primitive ending. When I acquire a result, have a kind of feeling only, my feeling! Zhou Bingyi dies, cancer. As the boss, zhou Bingyi did not contribute Zhou Jiazhen. But, everybody understands he is a leader. Zhou Bingyi saved mill of war industry armament.

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Next he made a mayor again, built a new city finally, stand by this word, moved old building new lone. However, as a result of this, a lot of people are surrounded to put on the ice it is crime surely, by a flock of person reports. Accordingly, zhou Bingyi is clean like white paper, every project is very clear, sure.

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However, a such good person, but breakfast leaves this world. The most difficult acceptance is 3 months after ice dies, his Zi Hao Mei will marry. Go when me when the whole nation, zhou Bingyi forgoed Hao Dongmei’s opportunity, become the secretary of political committee.

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This kind of choice also changed his life. Hao Dongmei cannot, zhou Bingyi was not complained, you cannot cheat my father. Can say, to Hao Dongmei, zhou Bing paid easily too much. Zhou Bingyi just dies, hao Dongmei is put into the hug of others. Is this acid? Zhou Rong is being watched, writer.

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After the divorce, he is met and his daughter Feng Wei goes abroad. After returning China, zhou Rong kept his family in a book. Result, this book got the air, zhou Rongcheng is master home. Cai Xiaohui is awaiting her all the time, like also knowing Cai Xiaohui likes to resemble Zhou Rong, won’t leave old. So this name, profit, love, zhou Rong has.

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The result that Zhou Rong ends is the wrongest, final what be? To Zhou Jia, zhou Rong does not have contribution. When she is young, her brandish is worn her parents and brother, because of so called love, she is found alone rapidly act according to change. The child was born, she sends Zhou Bingqin and Zheng Juan her child, this spat more than 10 years.

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No matter you do not care, you need your center only. A such people become the happiest person eventually, what? Zhou Bingkun is true! Zhou Bingqin and Luo Jibin are in brawl, wrong hand get into trouble, be sentenced 15 years, because be in the jail, it is from 12 years of origin.

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The Zhou Bingkun that comes from a jail did not work, I must help others make money hard. Later, I am building a new city in pursuant Zhou Bingyi, zhou Bing collect introduced the first case of this family, this is a bright person. Accordingly, zhou Bangguo is trade already usable, superstratum and next tripping operation layers.

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Had this child, zhou Bingqin and Zheng Juan had made a small reduction sale, did not make money finally make money. See these 3 final result, it is very uncomfortable really. Zhou Bingqin was full of, but the result ended. Zhou Rong did not contribute his home, but its life is best.

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Respecting is true, this ending has a place too dark, good person cannot make news. Someone says this is a reality, resemble Zhou Rong same, some people may work hard, but for love or money, some people have wish lucky, they will become phoenix. For example, luo Xiangbin, the hellion of this times, old boss, call rain.

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His virtuous man has a fruit tree, but he was immersed in a jail, used hard sale eventually. This result is accepted very hard really, I hope this one collect can change this outcome. From the art in the life, prep above lives, good drama part should be passed a few indigestion

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