Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Card demon plays a field the life is tough, to become thin to be able to eat orange only, netizen: Be afraid that she eats a face to become yellow On Feburary 19, free power ” card demon is pulled ” Yi Suoerdana is in assist of the person that act a field life that oneself gregarious platform shared him, caused netizen attention.

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Da Na of Er of all alone of assist Yi · is filming at present ” galactic bodyguard team 3 ” , should rise early everyday on several hours makeup, coloring, very difficult.

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To carry a figure, zoe must want to control food strictly, a field video of this ten seconds that she releases with respect to the record her food.

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Go to the lavatory for food, she plunged into ” clown daughter is the same as a paragraph ” double horsetail, become young at a draught 10 years old.

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In this video most what give looking glass first is an orange, it is Zoe is taking one valve orange to heave a sigh next, and eat chocolate aside with pleasure the colleague formed a field to contrast brightly.

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Subsequently Zoe is revealed gave oneself the like acting after Oscar shadow, she is angry first, subsequently him be suddenly enlightened, lose orange the mastication in the mouth, eye to open big, show open-eyed expression, as if sampling the world is delicate.

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Netizens see the expressional strength that praises Zoe in succession later, also some netizens are attentive remind Zoe not to eat too much orange, after fearing she eats, the face can become yellow.

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Filming at present ” galactic bodyguard team 3 ” will be to overflow power galactic bodyguard team comes on the stage for the last time in the universe, the director boils guide state this one meeting is very baronial with darkness, what expect with filmgoer is completely different.

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Boil guide the explanation says he thinks only faithful at part and story, to piece in the part arranges their due ending.

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He says very self-confidently still for fun: “I know the 3rd in major trilogy very sodden, but this does not apply to all trilogy. ” have hope very much from the quality that rolls the between the lines that guide to be able to see the 3rd he is right, can devoted to only oneself and part.

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” galactic bodyguard team 3 ” will show in North America on May 5 at next year, hope this ending can give priority to horn people a satisfactory full stop.

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