Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Net of elite of new cake public prosecution passes Dilireba to give morning of Yao of partner Liu bright act Dilireba is new cake ” public prosecution elite ” , the net is passed the partner morning of Liu Ye Yao gives act, be about to switch on the mobile phone in Chengdu. How is this to return a responsibility after all? ” public prosecution elite ” this drama, why is date of a lot of sale in smooth heat cling to? Be hot really cling to, Yao Chen, Yuan Quan, Liu Ye they? Next, everybody is mixed small make up look together.

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Elite of new cake public prosecution heats up Dilireba cling to be female top to flow, hot after all cling to all sorts of data are special carry dozen, no matter be Yan Zhi, or viewing rate is the level that carries theatrical work, heat up so cling to resource is very much nowadays. Do not explain especially, hot cling to drama did not press, basic it is to be patted, can broadcast before long. Have a kind, hot cling to it is green passageway same. The work that lacks strong praise is hot cling to have cake again, and still be a good cake. Recently, hearsay she will send Liu Ye, Yuan Quan, Yao Chen to cooperate together with acting. So, rebamei is colourful, liu Ye’s Yan Zhi, the actual strength of Yuan Quan, Yao Chen, this battle array is very pretty good.

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” public prosecution elite ” what to tell as we have learned, after this drama told about brilliant student inquisitor to install Ni homecoming to enter duty Jiangchen procuratorate, face numerous and stubborn case, give full cooperation with gumshoe header river source. Develop function of each procuratorial work adequately, the old practice of the truth is searched in a series of case eddy bells. This drama will be inspected at was being defended in CCTV, a gleam of 2022, Tecent video broadcasts!

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Tell the truth, everything is with the official announce is given priority to. See the configuration that sale number says again, some sale number say is a female group resemble opera, some saying that heat up cling to it is female advocate. See other actor, have Yuan Quan, jiang Xin, yao Chen, if have these a few, small make up an individual to feel female group probability resembling opera slants a few bigger. And this cake is pretty is good, vermicelli made from bean starch more not anxious, regard it as at present it is good that melon eats, at least at present limits was here. Nevertheless, sale date, say a little while female advocate, say a woman a little while group picture, take so forbid. To this, how to know you look?

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