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Original title: Between the world: It is likewise inside marriage off the rails, zhou Bingyi and Feng Huacheng are put together, the difference came out Everybody should see most propbably Li Lu hold the time big play that guide ” between the world ” , grumous time atmosphere deserves to make with simple artery kissing affection content has humanitarian color extremely. The heat after the line on this drama is to reside all the time do not fall high, although have ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” , ” full-dress ” wait for the line on new theatrical work, but hard to it compare. The contribution of actor of one numerous actual strength such as favorable reply of the thunder in drama, Song Jia, Yan Tao gave Gao Guang acting, and the old show bone such as fourth Yong Dai, Song Chunli all shows professional level. And the propulsion as gut, time substantially elapse, zhou Bingkun already the person arrives middleaged, after old and grandchildren play chess, father week keep in mind just had fallen down accidentally, be informed to prepare funeral affairs, situation of birth report world is fugacious, belong to reality is too actual. More Zhou Bingyi and Fenghua encountered extramarital love into two people this one extend is ancient constant domestic difficult problem, it is likewise nevertheless inside marriage off the rails, two people are put together, the difference came out. Say frankly the true state of affairs, long for forgive Zhou Bingyi this part is all the time ” between the world ” inside the representing’s clean-fingered character, in its politics plan its issue, handle greatly small business so that have main threads of an affair not only, be willing to leave grass-roots unit more, come help sb to get over his worries is condolatory old stuff. Because,also be such, zhou Bingyi is mixed for worker interest wish, the decision saves war industry mill, bring back deserted warship from abroad, people allowing worker worker gets experience from which with masterly technology, everybody did not have unemployed crisis not only, still have the hope of transition, this is one great good opportunity absolutely. Zhou Bingyi is taking triumphal fructification to return from abroad, it is thing of one great rejoicing originally, but female singer of mother-in-law gold month discovered a coverage however, those who elaborate is the lacy news that Zhou Bingyi is in abroad. The utterance of lunar female singer does not consider gold straight white, but taking penetration absolutely, zhou Bingyi undertook denial at that time, in light of the voice that can raise suddenly from him, he is confused really, audience psychology also has looked to guess faintly. See much the Jin Yueji nature of popular feeling is more affirmatory guess, ask directly ” you say first, still be I say first ” , this oneself just will mix Zhou Bingyi of Aoliya get along process. In Zhou Bingyi in elaborating, he is taken care of because of what gastrorrhagia got Aoliya, get along with Aoliya during recuperate cheerful, express to approbate to her disposition, and got the help of the other side on the career, the ability below many effort scores a success. But also can see in memory, zhou Bingyi never has said his psychology to experience, and the intimate contact with Aoliya a kind. Jin Yueji can pay attention to a dot naturally more, capture flaw to let Zhou Bingyi can say nothing, it is the word art that speak bluntly spoke Zhou Bingyi to conduct oneself in society for the person more ” should say say, ought not to say do not say, say selectively ” . Aside Zhou Bingyi although whats did not say, what be like to say again, he himself is clear that the problem goes where be, one’s mind disturbed even if spirit is off the rails. But what next Zhou Bingyi does is acknowledge a mistake, and do not think let Hao Dongmei know, hard of keep within limits enchanted the inevitable expression that also is human nature, but Zhou Bingyi proves with real operation some mistakes are to be able to be redeemed again. Drop responsibility for an offence with divorce discharge, this ability is true Lilliputian Feng Huacheng is in complete theatrical work, do not calculate on one to invite happy person absolutely, say to want to return Home Zhou Jiayi from beginning to see Zhou Fu, use to later period ” the body that raise a mouth, sex that raise a heart ” cast off the package that attends old heat, can have seen he and Zhou Rong are same, egoistic arrived in one’s heart. But what did not think of is, feng Huacheng is connected this time off the rails dry came out, it is Wang Zi found the God poet in this heart first, can have seen bit of symptom of a trend. Meet next time even if after Feng Huacheng and week Chengdu quarrel, fenghua becomes pain spot be goinged to by jab of the other side, say oneself send out a gift, but connect a tube building to was not divided however, demote worthlessly, from be being held in both hands every day by the sweetheart, to this kind of condition, psychological drop is too big. At that time Feng Huacheng saw this holds him in both hands again on the Wang Zi of altar, enchanted it is understandable really, but be gotten after schoolgirl room, changed condition however, did what should do, smooth fashionable dress gets virtue and morality, before you can say Jack Robinson showed real features. After doing bad thing, feng Huacheng cries so that resemble a child in week Chengdu bosom, but the error that did not admit oneself however, lian Tan does not do He Tan to excuse in vain. Passed even before long, feng Huacheng is direct small 3 belts are excellent in, become more proficient in one’s profession arrives this pace, feng Huacheng works off the rails really absolutely, look have to ” Hong Shixian ” the suspicion of study. Until final He Zhourong divorces, feng Huacheng speaks his problem without straight white ground as before, carried a tomb-sweeping day to give the family however instead do so that anger is worth violent wind to rise, but the manner that also did not acknowledge a mistake from beginning to end. An intellectual, glibly virtue and morality is not willing even the mistake to assume however, take the lead in putting forward divorce no more than to just also look for an excuse to run away, be an upright person or do not want too ” Feng Huacheng ” . Altogether, ” between the world ” in Li Lu hold guide below, each parts become vivid, can evoke audience resonance easily. Considering angular in drama color off the rails also is with disposition link up with, although two person manners have,fasten nevertheless, but the fault is wrong after all, still hope everybody in actual life, do not encounter the problem on marriage.

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