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Original title: ” Chen Qing makes ” direct theatrical work of firm of another ancient costume to be passed will raid, female advocate Jing Tian, range estimation will be become explode paragraph 2022 wait for sow ancient costume drama one compares a firm, among them ” jade bone Yao ” suffer with respect to equipment fix eyes upon, this drama told about empty mulberry crown prince to mix the love story of infanta of bare a group of things with common features, the hotspot is dye-in-the-wood, more hold provided Xiao Zhan, Ren Min concurrently to be deduced jointly by discharge and actual strength, the modelling of two main actors in seeing play solely is worth the expectation of the audience pull full. Additional, by drama of ancient costume of Yang Zi, Cheng Yi’s main actor ” agalloch eaglewood is like bits ” attention is spent not small also, the two people in prevue are interactive CP feels dye-in-the-wood, comparative into modelling of firm white hair Jing is colourful, yang Zi also should be performed again in drama ” the immortal weeps ” occasion, most propbably is become piece can bring an audience the surprise more, as expected Yang Zi moves is king bomb play. Not only such, theatrical work of firm of another ancient costume will raid, the net passes teleplay ” happy You Yuan ” be about to switch on the mobile phone, female advocate Jing Tian, group of partner actual strength is small unripe, battle array bright look, range estimation is one explodes greatly paragraph. Gold advocate achieve make together, of appropriate of public praise appropriate the teleplay market in instantly is actually medium, it may be said of ancient costume drama is to emerge in endlessly, but had had rarely picture ” strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword is passed ” , ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” such make classically let an audience can shine at the moment, accordingly ” happy You Yuan ” want heat public praise double take hold create standard with respect to need top-ranking advocate achieve a group to undertake to quality accuse, fortunately the creation personnel of this drama each interest is not little. Say to direct Zheng Wei article first, one class of Hong Kong is directed, hold the drama of much ministry ancient costume that guide is the public praise an excellent work that sees inaccessibly, for instance ancient costume drama ” Chen Qing makes ” it is out his hand. After this drama broadcasts, greet explode greatly, up to now accumulative total broadcasts a quantity to break through 10 billion, reached the temperature of a lot of teleplay too far behind to catch up with, also enjoy tall success of 7.7 minutes in fabaceous valve, of the surveyor’s pole that can calls homebred ancient costume drama make, public praise blast is cracked, and main actor Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo also depends on this drama to give a group successfully, become hot actor, can obtain such beautiful accomplishment, result of article of director Zheng Wei cannot be done not have. Additional, ” happy You Yuan ” origianl work writer holds playwrite concurrently to not I think of the writer that putting it may be said is widely known, superexcellent result was achieved after movie and TV of her much ministry novel is changed, for instance ” loneliness is empty front courtyard spring desire late ” , ” east palace ” wait for teleplay to get the affirmation of a lot of audiences. Still the heat this year sows drama ” this life has you ” also be by bandit I am thought of put a novel to adapt, the cruel with static peace talks of Cheng of eaves of the Nie in drama is loved is to earn really sufficient audience people tear, the middleaged love that deep feeling bears again although cruel heart, but let an audience be chased after however above, this nots namely probably I think of the glamour that keeps work to be in, perhaps this ” happy You Yuan ” also can have belong to bandit I think of the cruel that puts a color to love an element to join. Be worth what carry is, ” happy You Yuan ” art chief inspector is held the position of by Liu Jingping, liujing makes the same score pair of camera lens pictures accuse actual strength preeminent, he shares made ancient costume theatrical work ” coloured glaze ” take change path, setting to set find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, get an audience fully reputably, still have ” dream China is recorded ” although did not broadcast, but from premonitory can see those who make is excellent, look this ” happy You Yuan ” also meet those who bring audience vision to go up to enjoy. Gao Yan of Jing Tian, Xu Kai is worth CP too raise an eye to must say ” happy You Yuan ” choosing horny side or comparative of the intention, regard love of an ancient costume as drama, men and women advocate Yan Zhi or audience most one of respects that care about. Female advocate Jing Tian not only Yan Zhi is online, acting also is be among the best of candidates in actress of the corresponding period, be in ” Si Teng ” the modelling of the Republic of China of medium Jing Tian is really beautiful to the rate that gives a group, the Jing Tian that adjusts camber Cheng Liuxie to bend eyebrow has the lasting appeal of classic beauty extremely, a suit cheongsam outlines perfect shape. Drama medium shot is sweet at the same time also contribute masterly acting, one person cent impersonates two kinds of character, the cruel callosity of kind-hearted human nature of Si Teng and Bai Ying left deep impression to the audience. Additional, ancient costume modelling of Jing Tian is none inferior also, in ” Datangrong boasts ” medium shot is sweet temperamental and free from vulgarity, frown and smile the Wen Wanxian of Shenyang pearl kind and gentle expression gets incisively and vividly, the ancient costume modelling with sweet 2017 scene already Jing is colourful 4, most propbably is in ” happy You Yuan ” in also won’t make an audience disappointed. Besides female advocate Jing Tian, male advocate Xu Kai also is a Yan Zhi, acting double take the actual strength that hold the group is small unripe, element has ” ancient costume is beautiful male ” say, in drama of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” dirt of of through the ages ” in the white disposition of Xu Kai personate is dim scanty from, appearance is pretty give this world, it is the white that goes in the novel completely. When big ending, white and antediluvian experience 4 worlds cruel is loved again meet again, look at antediluvian, the eyes of white was full of love and glad, affectionate general view does not have involuntary discharge of urine, mere an eyes lets an audience touch unceasingly, acting is beyond question. Still have in ” black horse song goes ” in the Cheng Chu of Xu Kai personate Mu Yerang audience is impressive, the admire flourishing Hunan in drama often is taking the temperament that aggressive the name of the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty as good horse, the loafer of fine silk fabrics Ku that the about of be indignant takes off alive, handsome the person of ruffian sets the instant with respect to capture the fragrant heart of large quantities of audiences, it is to entreat the appearance of an actor of ancient costume of Xu Kai general really ” solder ” go up in the body. Altogether, ” happy You Yuan ” adapt from bandit I am thought of put a novel, and by bandit I am thought of put hold the position of playwrite personally, most propbably gut is certain and wonderful extremely, still director of Zheng Wei article holds a knife with one’s own hands, advocate achieve group actual strength doughty, quality is ensured somewhat. Additional, value of Jing Tian, Xu Kai colour, acting is all online, hot search is booked undoubted. At present although the message of this drama is the net is passed, but most propbably is not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors, can meet very quickly perhaps with the audience, so do you expect this theatrical work?

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