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Original title: ” small Long Ren ” broadcast 28 years, 4 leading role change passerby, young utility man carries handle into heart cloud company however! The person of every times has his childhood memory. My childhood memory is to look ” return Zhugege ” and ” on the west travel notes ” , these two teleplay accompanied me whole childhood.

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And again a bit earlier audience, had looked certainly ” small Long Ren ” this teleplay, had seen this audience there is 30 many years old probably now, the child is about to go up junior high school.

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We are recalled back and forth below ” small Long Ren ” a few medium minor leading role. Those who make a person accident is, those who have Mr. Yu Qian is return to gues-star in this teleplay.

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4 minor leading role in drama became passerby nowadays, and the bar handle that minor minor role became heart cloud company now at modest teacher! This is really surprizing. ” issue Long Ren ” this teleplay is drama of a children apparently, it is science fiction of a collect, mythological however, pass through for an organic whole, very halfback. Get at that time so of the child love.

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What this teleplay basically tells is the story that a few children help Xiaolong’s person seek mother.

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Till the thematic song with medium today teleplay a lot of audiences as before bright able to read aloud fluently: “There is corner on the head, have a tail after one’s death. Does not know I have how many secret, I am a small Qing Long, I have how many little secret not to tell you! ” enough shows the teleplay 1992 this to have in those days it is thus clear that how prosperous. And 4 in drama young main actors also change greatly nowadays appearance. 01. Impression giving a person is the deepest is small Long Ren certainly this part, the person that act is Chen Jia male.

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There is corner on the head, after one’s death the tail is told namely he. Chen Jia male there are 4 years old only when acting this part at that time.

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Although the age at that time is very small, also did not film experience, but the small Long Ren that he falls in the help of parents and play staff or presented your person to like to the audience.

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After having one’s moment, he also goes out early or late performed a lot of small parts, but as a result of later all the year round film bring about study result not to follow to go up, so he continued to work after finishing high school.

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Present Chen Jia male have deep love for by right of what go up to wushu, coach of a wushu is become in Hong Jinbao’s Hong Jiaban, return open at the same time oneself company, the career is very prosperous also.

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02.The 2nd minor leading role is the Jiang Yizhen that acts darling.

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In one’s childhood Jiang Yizhen is likewise slow-witted bud is lovely, dye-in-the-wood small warm male temperament. This also is his only parts, the arrangement in parents falls to put whole focus on study later. Present Jiang Yizhen has married parturient, allegedly he settles in abroad now the life.

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03.The little boy that acts Bei Bei calls Chen Chen. With other 3 children are compared, chen Chen calculates go up to have very much film experience.

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He is in piece before performing this role, had filmed picture ” golden monkey maniple ” ” here teems with golden apple ” wait for children drama. Because Chen Chen’s parents is an actor, as a child be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears, natural acting is more outstanding. The Chen Chen after be brought up already come out the baby is fat, blossom handsome size partner.

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04.The person that the only little girl in drama surprises to be acted strangely is Liu Tian.

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Liu Tian also has filmed in one’s childhood two children piece, such experience also did not affect her study. The university entrance exam when on Liu Tian take an examination ofing institute of news of Chinese people university, now is a journalist.

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05.What the person makes accident most in this drama is, at a student that modest teacher gues-stars. In those days when comic dialogue industry is stagnant, he still has had gues-starring experience.

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After thinking of 20 years, he becomes bar handle in heart cloud company! Although change is very big, but or can by the audience admit, very interesting.

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How many audience does this drama still have to remember profundity? The welcome nods assist to leave a message beneath, I am waiting for you in comment area!

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