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Original title: ” between the world ” : skill sodden card is called win, the Zheng Juan with the bitterest life lives the most happily ” between the world ” in, at the outset Zhou Bingkun takes the lead those who hold water ” 6 lordling ” , nowadays circumstances differ in thousands ways. Zhou Bingkun depends on restaurant, although,pass general, but at least supports a family unchallenged; Overtake and the life of National Day is most hard, brawl also is between husband and wife ceaseless; Must compare good Qiao Chunyan and Cao Debao too, also encounter difficulty heavily; Two everybody that go to Beijing at the outset scarcely with their come-and-go.

20220219120258 6210dc72dde38

Compare them, zheng Juan from an orphan, to nowadays the family is happy, still have take an examination of the Zhou Nan that attends Tsinghua college, be too happy really. Zheng Juan rots skill the card is hit win, those who lean is his powerful heart. 1, the Zheng Juan with the bitterest life, be wanted to say whose life is the bitterest in complete theatrical work by cruel all the time, it is Zheng Juan absolutely.

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She is an orphan, be collected by Zheng mother-in-law, hardship is raised big. Because do not have urban number of households and total population, so she did not work, can hit some of chore to earn bit of scanty income only. With great difficulty encounters Tu Zhijiang, feel OK to have a warm small home, did not think of to confront in that way issue however. She is holding out a pregnant, return a married woman’s parents’ home, 4, life hardship. This moment, zhou Bingkun sends money for water do as one pleases and Luo Shibin, become her to give birth to the light that hit the target. Although she and week hold,offspring Yue of two affection photograph, but she the identity nowadays, allow her to be imagined somewhat far from.

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Later, zhou Bingkun mother breaks down in the bed, zhou Rong’s daughter also is in the home, zheng Juan come out boldly, help attend. Be in even put in prison of week of grasping elder brother when, a person is propping up this home hard. Because help mother of grasping elder brother massage finger to be out of shape, because housework is vivid too heavy, her hand is chilblain and scar completely. Because,be such, she is able to marry into Zhou Jia. Zhou Bingyi cannot be borne, she returns bear to be worn week of heavy responsibility that an administrative unit in Xizang of handed down from the older generations of the family accepts era, fortunately, she gave birth to a son again. Her heart is actually much hope second birth a daughter.

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This thinking that her life has begun a strike smooth, did not think of a little brother to have an accident, still have Sun Xiaoning, let her erupt to quarrel with Zhou Bingkun. Again Luo Shibin appears later, water do as one pleases appears, her scar is opened again and again; More exorbitant is, zhou Rong still looks for her, hope she can agree with the thing of He Nannan. On Zhou Nan take an examination ofing Tsinghua, she is a lot of do not abandon, still help sb to fulfill his wishes finally son, if like really, do not want disappoint her.

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Allegedly from the back Zhou Nan is dead when the United States studies abroad, zhou Bingkun because error put in prison, her smooth life is broken again… compare someone else, zheng Juan’s life is most rough. 2, kind-hearted heart, let her harvest happy God to give me sweet candy, how do I enjoy sweet candy; God lets me fight, I wrap around armour go into battle. This is Zheng Juan. Face life to give a variety of her affliction, she did not shrink back, become their refine instead most Gan Tian’s life.

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For redound grasping elder brother is paid to his, it is when grasping elder brother is the most difficult, she has received weight. Do not care about others how to say, she is begged only unashamed. So two years many, she serves week of mother everyday, upright excrement carries make water, massage for her. Still do not have complain the ground that do not have regret to look after children to Zhou Rong, never treat unfairly crosses her half minutes. Others feels she nots worth, but go up to the sky to tell her to be worth however, because of her effort, week mother is able to awake. And week mother also passed on her to love more very much. Although week mother is muddleheaded, but she identifies Zheng Juan only. Zheng Juan quarrels with grasping elder brother, week mother comes out to comfort, the heart of each warm Zheng Juan.

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Change the heart the heart, the goodness because of Zheng Juan and pay, make the pillar that she becomes Zhou Jia, also be the backbone in heart of grasping elder brother, grasp so elder brother a tiny bit also dare not I am sorry she. Zhou Bingkun says to Zhou Nan that ” your Mom is happy I am happy ” , moving deeply also Zhou Nan. Zhou Nan loves his mother very much, he obedient, filial, diligent, effort. Although ever also had had,shake, but still still complied with mother. Zheng Juan gave love, also received love. Pay respond to somewhat, this is the gift with best to her life. 3, although the person Zheng beautiful with the most powerful heart does not have culture, but be on a lot of things, she lives so that comparative to connect fully. With respect to the act person that resembles her Yan Tao evaluates this role, her heart is very calm, her appearance is quite so soft. The person with a very powerful heart, do not need too hard appearance.

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Zheng Juan this part, apparently effeminate, but the heart is extremely firm however. That paragraph of word that still remembers so that she says to water do as one pleases? She says, you think an orphan like me one’s previous experience, never had joined the person of culture of the job, it doesn’t matter, ought not to have oneself idea. You are wrong, whats don’t have some people, most some is him. Had oneself only, the day won’t collapse.

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Visible, although Zheng Juan is paid for others, but she won’t lose herself because of anybody. She is a heart very ideaed person. Still she says to Zhou Rong: The child’s lifetime is lifetime, is our lifetime lifetime?

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She lives very to connect fully. Perhaps she is not told give too much general principle, but she knows how to should choose, how should the route of life go. So, she in drama, no matter encounter what difficulty, can go. She is the most miserable, but the happiest also.

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