Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Original title: ” our marriage ” after delaying broadcast 4 days: Bai Baihe chin holds acid in the palm, tong Dawei hand carries hemp On Feburary 19, teleplay ” our marriage ” announce to change archives to come Feburary 23.

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This announces to give out before long, numerous advocate achieve send early or late civil. Bai Baihe: Still have 4 days, chin holds acid in the palm.

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Tong Dawei: Still have 4 days, the hand carries hemp.

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Jiang Xin: Still have 4 days, help me obtain 50 lubricious order again.

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Wang Xiao: Still have 4 days, holiday was lengthened again.

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Gao Xie: Get on wine add, wait 4 days again! OK?

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With respect to such battle array, the audience is the meeting for certain, sheet reads the review below teleplay official rich, with respect to the heart that can see an audience.

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Originally this drama is to decide archives to be in 21, now nowadays is late only 4 days, should look or can look, especially barren of drama of this period of time. audience show respect for, I feel the battle array that still is this drama is fierce, shen Yan need not say more, had made many exploding paragraph. Next still Tong Dawei and Bai Baihe play the leading role, take latter for, explode money work is not little also, the most classical should be ” be lovelorn 33 days ” .

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This the part of personate also suits her quite, godchild of husband of the photograph after marriage, the child is grown regain duty field, have very much spell interest. Say Tong Dawei besides, these a few years although do not have so fire, but in ” little be willing to part with or use ” perform or won authority mediumly approbate. And, this part set and ” little be willing to part with or use ” the place that medium part has a lot of likeness, it is more easy that explanation rises.

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Jiang Xin need not say more, just had cooperated with Tong Dawei, had definite tacit agreement, see this body dresses up next make a person very dependable. As to Gao Xie and Wang Xiao, ginseng the work that perform is very much also, experience is enough, be worth to expect very much. So much actual strength sends an actor to gather in this drama, need not fear work is not quite wonderful completely.

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Toward say a bit more greatly, this drama is told gave a lot of real problems, resemble how balancing duty field and family. Spoken parts in an opera, the biggest hotspot of this drama is aimed at the discussion of real problem namely, as to the answer that gives out in drama be what kind of, still let our wait and see what happens.

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