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Original title: ” the home has children ” he medium, 9 years old stop development 36 years old to perform a child, appear a parent with wife group photo child The domestic scene of the conflagration before believing a lot of audiences are opposite up to now ten years is comedic ” the home has children ” remember profundity up to now. This teleplay ever also brought an innumberable families countless joyous reputation laugh language. 3 people leave the sister younger brother in drama the impression with very deep audience, and the young actors in drama are already grown also nowadays.

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Act the elder sister’s Yang Zi and the Liu Xing that act a little brother, had become the backbone force of young actor nowadays. And little brother You Hao like that because of image problem, development has a little some be like person meaning very much. The Hou Xiang of Liu Xing’s classmate has been acted in drama, how many audience still is being written down?

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A lot of audiences may be familiar with the name that says a Hou Xiang not quite, but see photograph scarcely is unfamiliar. The Hou Xiang expression in drama is very lively also at that time have lease of life. But what expect making a person is less than is, when Hou Xiang is acting Liu Xing’s classmate at that time already 20 years old.

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Actually this answer still makes a person very much beyond accident, because the Hou Xiang in drama resembles really at that time,be the about of pupil. We also are later just know, the cause that creates this one false appearance is Hou Xiang is in 9 years old when stopped development. He is born in 1985, 18 years old begin to be engaged in a performance, go out up to now also already 18 years.

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Hou Xiang develops in childhood period height still is normal, when growing parents discovers he did not grow again all the year round almost. Taking the hospital on Hou Xiang to have a medical check-up, every think of to be informed by the doctor however, the child’s body has stopped development, grow very hard again later tall. Face a doctor such answer, it is a thunder from the clear sky undoubtedly to parents. At that time although Hou Xiang can feel those who give father and mother is unusual, but still understand hard

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What do this mean after all to his life. Gradually, the Hou Xiang in growing again also experienced a classmate the fleer to oneself. Still take an examination of after Hou Xiang went up to face south artistic vocational school, accepted those who demonstrate an aspect to groom here. And Hou Xiang’s height also stays in forever 1.58 meters, be being returned till manhood is one face babyish resembling is one grows not big child.

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Although Hou Xiang’s height is short board, but the ground that as the actor he also found use force, act a child namely. The child of a lot of bit, still cannot the affection of accurate expression character and characteristic. Hou Xiang is different, although height is short, but psychological age is already ripe. Begin to gues-star all right from 18 revenue, in the expression in a lot of work Hou Xiang leaves a director very deep impression.

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In new edition ” red Lou Meng ” in, hou Xiang still acted Gu Huan, likewise special give prize.

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See the Hou Xiang that seems suffer many mishaps in one’s life, also harvested oneself feeling.

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The wife is a very beautiful girl, although Hou Xiang is the countenance that still is childhood all the time, but 2013 through love the wife returned be honor permits no turning back to marry him.

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In the life they are taken care of each other, marry 8 years exceeding conjugal love. But must approbatory is, when Hou Xiang and wife are together be become very easily to be a mother by person misunderstanding child.

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Nowadays already Hou Xiang of 36 years old, gues-star the child’s part in a lot of teleplay as before. Although the career is not lukewarm not fire, but the disposition that he and wife are Chang Le of content with one’s lot. Live even if such, total meeting existence is trifling faulty, but want a heart to put only be thankful, of happy effort had passed each days, likewise significant.

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