Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Tender feelings of bone of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of exposure of photo of wind of Zhao Ran Chinese style all shows great master wind model 20220219120525 6210dd0573839Recently, the exposure of photo of wind of a group of Chinese style of actor Zhao Ran, the Zhao Ran before camera lens, pullover of a kongfu, chief body jade stands, the garment sleeves elegant and fluent. The temperament of callous unruly defeats screen and go out. Eyebrow peak is like a knife, eyes swift and fierce, antediluvian gas charm and couple of contemporary wind photograph appear chic wind model. 20220219120530 6210dd0a95608Zhao Ran is graduated from Beijing film institute to perform a department, learn connecting with the boxing skill as a child, ever still won traditional wushu championship contest 8 extremely fist the first. 17 years Wei Ping of main actor Han directs ” cropland of the world grain ” and make one’s bow everybody’s eye shot, this drama leaves oneself extremely tall attention is harvested to spend since sowing, viewing rate is a breakthrough more 200 million, innovate repeatedly tall. And by Zhao Ran of personate absolutely life villain in drama ” Tie Jianfei ” , depending on masterly acting is a pink more countless. 20220219120535 6210dd0f9b2f0Since Zhao Ran Zi goes out, ever gave the work of drama of movie and TV that has performed a variety of subject matter early or late. In latter-day legend drama ” old traditional Chinese medical science ” in, the father of dog of personate of bone of one numerous old show such as partner Chen Baoguo, Xu Qing, the play of historical subject matter that directs in Huang Wenli ” sword of hopeless situation casting ” in personate villain in drama piece chief of staff one horn, be in again talk feeling ancient costume drama ” madam of bead of a dry measure used in former times ” in, why does the children of old and well-known family of personate of actual strength actor such as partner poplar power, Chen Weiting rush. It is reported, this drama leaves after sowing, harvest quickly ” broken circle ” the attention of class is spent, the show that each dimension spends is very light eye. 20220219120540 6210dd14d95a9Current, in Zhao Ran wait for sow drama of knight-errant talk feeling ” and try the world ” in partner Yang Yang, zhao Lou is thought of, personate horse the first month rises, and in another his teleplay ” children of the Jinggang Mountains ” in, again personate abdomen black villain in drama ” Wang Jiajun ” . Zhao Ran is acting all the time art camp of the breakthrough on road, expect 2022 bring more and outstanding work to us.

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